So I have run 2 games with the Moscow Connection/Crime City

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So I have run 2 games with the Moscow Connection/Crime City

#1 Postby jhilahd » Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:36 pm

I ran the first 1 page adventure, my group loved it. So much so they wanted to continue. Easy peasy, I ran (I considered it rough) the second part of the setting from the SW Deluxe book - the Chase! last night and it went over quite well.
Too well.

Because we got done with the chase, I setup a scene where they had to go a "safe" house in New Jersey to meet with the head of the family.

I described them entering into a warehouse district and to a large shipping building with several SUV's and Caddies parked outside and half a dozen men patrolling the area.

I ended with them getting out of the truck/SUV and meeting with Alexi and Ivan's father.

"I am pleased you have made it here safe and sound..."

Then that was it. I went blank... The chase and rp took about an hour... I hadn't anticipated on that. And this is the first modern game we've run in ages, I just blanked out. I made the special package (for those of you who know the scenario) a nuclear bomb that is armed with a timer. When the boys found it, it was at 10 hours and counting.
They escaped the Red Hand's attempt at recovering it.
The boys have a lot of questions why their father wanted/needs a nuclear bomb.

I was going to explain it was not what he thought it was, and decided(when he found out) to take it instead of allowing it to be used in his home. See in my game, he has a deal with running guns, girls, and other sundries and Mahmoud Abbas was a new client. The money was good, and he was told before hand that it was nothing, but a new vehicle with some perks inside it.

Until he found out.
That's when he sent the PC's after it.

So now... for whatever reason... I can't think of a decent plot to proceed for next weeks climatic(hint hint) one shot.
I really can't. Do we have a raid on the warehouse with more terrorist attempting to recover the bomb, because there is a tracking device on it(lame I know).

Does the group need a specialist to disarm it? Do they need to go persuade someone? Do they need to put it on a boat and send it out to sea?

I don't know.

The pc's (3 of 'em) are Alexy, Ivan and "The Bull" from the 1 page.
Because I've been catching up on Sons of Anarchy, I thought about having someone be a government agent who is present when the boys bring it in.
They'll alert Homeland Security, who'll raid the facility. There could be an internal struggle/fight and then another "what do we do with this?"

I feel like I've managed to paint myself into a corner and don't know how to get out.

So... can I get some suggestions? Ideas?


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#2 Postby Clint » Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:51 pm

Have the dad be a "You don't threaten my city!" kind of criminal. He left Russia because of people like that.

But his second-in-command... not so nice. He's willing to let the bomb blow if the money is enough, and he knows the terrorists have lots of money.

So the dad has the PCs guard the device in a "hidden" location while he gets someone to defuse it. The #2 guy sells that location out, bringing in some of the other mob guys loyal to him to help them recover it.

Maybe they even get inside first by bringing in the bomb specialist.

So you have a 3 way fight of the PCs (and maybe some loyal mobster Extras) against the turncoats on the inside while the terrorists are on the outside and all while the bomb expert is trying to defuse the bomb.

Then perhaps hint at the end that someone even more powerful is behind it all.

The next game is figuring out who that person is, perhaps an ambassador with diplomatic immunity from normal prosecution. The players put some heat on him, so he's leaving the US but swearing revenge.

That leads to the next game... sneaking the bomb onto his private jet to send a message back to the terrorists not to mess with the Russian mob.
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