Junker power sources (Classic)

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Junker power sources (Classic)

#1 Postby Sonicfox » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:08 am

I've been a long time fan of Deadlands, and I've known of savage worlds for a while now, but I've never jumped on to the forums. But I'm trying to be less of a hermit and share my addiction with other like minded people...So. Hello!

Ahem. Anyway. I searched the forums for this idea and couldn't find anything, so I figured, "Why not?"

I was reading through my old HOE classic books trying to get rid of the itch to play a game when I have no one to play with. Going through the Iron oasis book I run across the soul siphon. When combined with the cyborgs book and a friendly manitou that whispered in my ear, my brain gets a idea that I'm sure brings me one step closer to becoming a servitor.

Soul siphons sap the energy from your own soul, connected by a spirit cable.
Spirit fetters power all of a cyborg's gear exactly like a soul siphon.

Cyborgs are dead, therefor the power generated from the spirit fetter would keep going if the head was removed from the body....and plunked in an armored box that would have a spirit cable attachment to it.

In fact, if a junker knew how to attach a spirit fetter to create deaders (either from a stunned ganger that had recently tried to shoot him, or a recently resurrected ganger that had failed to shoot fast enough.) then chopped off their heads and put them in power boxes. With an average of a d8 spirit type, and that's a lot of potential to tap into.

Now I AM aware that there are other alternative fuels. A browser (unless erattad, I can never remember.)Can provide up to 5 GR per round. But Personally I'm of the opinion that Browsers and oversized tech spirits only give outer their energy per interval of the power that it's using, not per round (esentially that it has to use that drain constantly for that interval). Besides, the highest a browser can get is 5 GR. A greater manitou can produce up to 16 GR of constant drain for a fetter (with a head sized box attached to the frame). That could power alot of fun toys.

I am also aware that some GMs would probably go along the lines of one of the dime novels that talked about something similar with deader's heads powering a veggie farm and the veggies getting corrupted.

But since cyborgs use the fetter's energy all of the time to power gadgets, that shouldn't cause any of those problems. The fetter would keep the Manitou nice and docile . And if something happened and damaged the fetter, you could always remove the malfunctioning "power box", and make the uppity manitou no longer a problem.

Ideas? History of myself for when I eventually turn into a servitor?

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:05 am

That's a pretty evil idea. I kind of like it. Each one would provide 6 to 16 drain of power per round - that could power a lot prosthetic parts, or gadgets designed to pull power the way prosthetics do.

Also, welcome to the forums. :-D
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#3 Postby Fists-of-Dorn » Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:51 am

Welcome to the forums Sonicfox.

I would definitely say that such a plan of harvesting humans, irredeemable dirtbags or not, is certainly going to have the Reckoners smiling with anticipation. It's just an evil thing to do.

I could see a posse trapped in a collapsed building inside a Maelstrom with one of the murdering bandits that had attacked them, forcing them inside the building, laying in the hands of the posse's medic. She says there's nothing that can be done for the bandit, his wounds are too grievous and he'll die before morning. Another posse member says that they'll be dead soon after because there's no way they can dig themselves out.
Then the junker gets an idea- right manitou, right time, soul ripe for the blackening and all that. He tells the medic to keep the bandit alive as long as possible before organizing the rest of the posse into an A-Team style construction montage. Over the rest of the night the heroes help the junker slap together a crude digger from filing cabinets, desks, water coolers, and other junk in the office.
Then as morning nears and the bandit is near to breathing his last breath, the posse has to confront the junker about his tactic as he explains that to power the device that will surely save the rest of them they must use the helpless bandit, still a human being, as fuel.
Maybe the rest of the posse decides that it's okay because they each want to live. Maybe their decision is influenced by the fact that the bandit was a murdering, cannibalistic, scumbag who not twelve hours previous had tried to kill them for supper. Maybe their souls become a bit tainted because of this.
Or perhaps the posse decides that there must be some other way out. They decide that such a course of action would be too immoral of a choice for them to live with, so why live on? If the posse decides that it's just too wrong an action and the bandit expires, they will likely take another look around their enclosure. If you want 'em to keep going, having sussed out a valuable moral standing among the characters, have some rubble shift to expose a way out. Sure it heads down, rather than directly out. Sure it heads into the sewers were not only is it still dark, but really smelly, and with just as many abominations lurking about (though there is a higher chance of these abominations using balls of poo to choke the posse members...just sayin').
Maybe half agree and the other half refuse, how does it resolve? All good for character development.

With that said, I think it would be an excellent character idea for a Fearmonger. Give him a healthy radius of operations with one, or more, settlements in it. A person here and there, not too often, goes missing. Headless corpses are found, sometimes chewed up, sometimes they appear trampled, others are burned. Stories begin to circulate among the people of the settlements, eventually word from each settlement reaches the other- uniting them in their fears.
Then the posse comes along, hears the tales- might even see a fresh corpse. They can investigate the tales, with all of the dramatically different wounds inflicted upon the bodies as they attempt to discover the actual death wounds- and if these wounds are common to each victim.
Great fun to have one of the heads have fallen off the fearmonger's wagon on his way back to his roost. The head perks up a few days later and starts trying to move around, realizing his body isn't nearby, but he can still feel it. This occurs as the heroes are exhuming bodies to examine them for more evidence. The townsfolk freak out and begin fleeing the graveyard as ol' Jim Munsen's headless body claws its way out of the ground and begins stumbling around the graveyard. The posse might figure to follow the stumbling corpse, hoping it will return to its head. Sure enough, after fending off some other nasties from having at their homing-corpse, the posse comes across the severed head. Now you can have the head of Jim Munsen provide some important details about the fearmonger- though nothing too exact as he was likely too terrified and scared witless to have caught every detail. Then as he has provided enough details for your satisfaction the Manitou takes over and starts attacking the posse.
Again a moral choice- kill the harrowed or try to help him out?

It's an idea on how I could revise my Headless Horseman adventure based in Sleepy Hollow Wyoming.


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#4 Postby Sonicfox » Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:50 pm

Wow, two very interesting ideas based off of my thought puzzle. a moral dilemma, and my very own fear-monger :D Let me toss out an Idea that yours gave me.

A junker (Maybe tainted, maybe not) starts selling these "Miracle power boxes" with a single output port, and no way to put in any ghostrock to people in towns. It would be explained at first, as a box with a Large tech spirit in it, so that no-one would have to spend money to fuel it. It would start somewhere out in the sticks, far away from junkyard. Perhaps at first there is a diminishing of scumbags as the junker needs to harvest heads to fetter from somewhere. But eventually the demand for these boxes would get higher than the supply of badguys.

At this point, who knows? The heros might even buy a box or two, if they have the money.

Soon, less evil people start disappearing. Less care is made in making sure that people don't fiddle with the box and eventually an accident happens, one of the boxes breaks.

Some villager recognizes the head of his (now harrowed and fettered) cousin.
The Junker doesn't even car by then, he has a fortified house, with flash-gordon guns powered by fettered heads. He's quite possibly near stage 3-5 taint by now and anyone that trys to stop him becomes the newest power source.

What happens then would be up to the heros. Do they keep the boxes they have? Knowing what's in them? Even if the boxes they have are powered by scumbags? Would they even be able to confront the junker that has so much firepower? Would the junker become a full servitor?

The fun has just begun.

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#5 Postby Fists-of-Dorn » Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:00 pm

That could be a good "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" moral adventure if the junker began as a well-known and maybe well liked member of a community. After his town is benefitting from his wondrous power-box, he starts traveling to other settlements to spread the wealth. His taint progresses until he returns to his home town where he fortifies a structure and begins performing even more demented and unsavory experiments.
The posse might come across one of the last towns he had peddled his power boxes in and learned that the boxes were sold by a cranky, mostly crazed- and not in the "aw that's a shame" sort of crazy, but the "Bubba, get the diesel fuel" kind of crazy. This tale piques the curiosity of the posse and they set out along a trail of settlements that the junker had visited. As they draw nearer to his home town, they have learned that the farther from his home town he traveled (and so the more boxes he had sold) the more insane he had become. The posse might even have someone knowledgeable of the taint who puts 1 & 1 together to get Pi, and expresses his concerns about the crazed man.
Now the posse has a clearer understanding of the junker and some may feel the need to help him without killing him- maybe a Syker in the group wants to try out one of his mind tricks to ease the poor fool's paranoia. Depending on the information available to the characters some might know there's nothing to be done for him, but they can still save innocent people by taking him out. And there may be one or two who just can't stomach that and feel that they have to try whatever they can before considering killing him.

Or the junker could just be a jerk to start with and is traveling between settlements like an old "snake oil" salesman with his Truly Wondrous Magical Mystery Power Supply. With a smooth presentation and a "trustworthy" face he cons many an unsuspecting waster into giving over their most prized possessions in exchange for one of his boxes.
You can do a lot with the idea of him trading only for objects that his customers have great sentimental value. Maybe those objects are what fuels him as a servitor. The posse might have to somehow destroy enough of those objects to break through the junker servitors immunities and then they can dispatch him. Could make for a fun road scene as the heroes have to catch up to the junker's old 1919 Mack with a covered bed then board it and fight the junker, his dog, and try to destroy the possessions he has neatly arranged in the back.

1919 Mack- just alter the rear to fit what's needed. Doesn't look like it'll go a hundred miles an hour, but junkers can really get those old things moving, and personality goes a long way to making for memorable adventures.


Depending on what the posse has at their disposal there might not be anything that you could guarantee they could not fight through without just saying they flat out cannot do it. Something I've learned firsthand.
I would have to question the morals of anyone continuing to use one of those power boxes upon discovering the secret component, but that's what makes RPGs fun to play.


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#6 Postby AtomicSamuraiCyborg » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:01 pm

I like the ideas! I had a similar idea, but it mostly involved modifying spirit fetters to work on walkin' dead, and powering my junker-hotrod with screaming zombie heads!

However, that's one of those "no drawbacks" things that never really work out for you. I mean, morally, it's a demon in a zombie head, so screw 'em, they deserve it. It's disrespectful to the dead, I guess.

I doubt any Marshall would let me get away with it. Probably the manitou in a walkin' dead could just scoot outta the braincase if it was going to be trapped.

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