[Silver Gryphon Games] Camp Wicakini 3: Wanagi Mato Lives!

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[Silver Gryphon Games] Camp Wicakini 3: Wanagi Mato Lives!

#1 Postby Kelly B » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:57 pm

Camp Wicakini 3: Wanagi Mato Lives! has been released! This third installment of Camp Wicakini takes place 5 years after the initial incident that has been publically covered up as a devastating fire. Wanagi Mato had gone back to ground, but now that the camp has opened back up for business, so has he!

The adventure is for both Savage Worldsand for our Æther System and it’s available with the other Camp Wicakini adventures in our Store or at Drive Thru RPG (in both Savage and Æther as well) right now! Fabled Environments has once again stepped up to the plate to help us knock this one out of the park and we have maps included with the adventure. You can purchase larger scale maps from the Fabled Environments Store.

Check out the Camp Wicakini 3 videoon youtube
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