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Player Excerpts

#1 Postby velikch » Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:53 am

I looked around to see if there was a thread like this already but failed to find one, so here goes.

I bring my laptop with me to gaming sessions because I keep all my GM notes typed up on my computer screen. As the session goes on, naturally, hilarity ensues and I find it's rather fun to type into my notes some of the funny things my players say. So here are several of those that I've saved...

Some of these notes include player names (first names only), and some don't. Usually names are recorded to help keep track of who's saying what if it matters.

So far all I have is from Rippers Games (while recording these funny comments at least, I've run a few others without recording funny comments)

(Dan and Max to Caitlin about her leaving the party to investigate another room)
Dan: “If whatever’s in there starts attacking you, we’re not coming to help. I’m not loyal or anything, I’m a pacifist.”
Max (just looked at his hindrances): “Aw damn it, I’m loyal!”
Dan: “It’s okay, I’ll beat you senseless. Aw damn it, I’m pacifist.”

“Not ‘empty handed’, ‘ripe with knowledge’!”

Van Helsing: “Do you have the artifact?”
Dan (feigning stupidity): “What artifact?”
Max (also feigning stupidity the same time as Dan): “No, no, it was…it was broken…”

Van Helsing: “You stopped the people that were using the artifact?”
Dan (who is playing a Pacifist Buddhist Monk): “Oh yeah, we murdered them.”

“So you say you heard 'Mad Carl' say, after smoking a 'pipe', that it lets you go back in time…”

“Also she probably doesn’t want us bringing poisons to a meeting with her king.”
“Okay, we won’t murder your king...unless he’s a werewolf.”

“Let’s put silver bear traps around the royal grounds so when the Czar is going on a walk we’ll find out if he’s a werewolf.”

In a telegram to Van Helsing about the state of the St. Petersburg lodge: “The contact we met is really underfunded and could use some more cash, although they have no shortage of vodka."

“[We] Should Ding-Dong-Ditch this [deadly] artifact on some kid’s doorstep.”

On the subject of how to get angry dogs to stop chasing the party, in response to another player's idea: “We don’t sacrifice the fat kid to the dogs!”

I keep having to remind my players that they are the "good guys" hahaha. However their villainous out-of-character commentary has the perk of making me laugh.

The notes are all from the same campaign run twice with two different groups. I've been "perfecting" (if you can call it that) the campaign with the intent to publish. Haven't gotten in touch with Shane or anyone else about it yet, but when I'm ready to move forward I will. It's a Veteran-to-Heroic level campaign, though I have a Novice-level intro that goes hand-in-hand with the Veteran-to-Heroic portion. I used other material for the Seasoned-level stuff, such as The Black Ankh and material from the Rippers book.

Also I have no intent of hogging this thread, I hope other people have some great quotes or conversations they have logged that they'd like to share here!

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#2 Postby Lord Karick » Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:16 am

Party is travelling cross country incognito to deliver Princess Caitlin to her betrothed. Stopping at a wayside inn, one of the patrons thinks he recognises her and interrogates the party. The druid spins a yarn about her being Caitlin's less known cousin 'Lady Trelwyn'.

Josh (who hadn't been paying complete attention): "Who's Lady Trelwyn?"

Everyone facepalms.

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#3 Postby GranFalloon » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:39 pm

A group of three adventurers are clearing their way through a goblin lair. They come across the "common chamber," populated mostly by females and whelps. What to do?

Rick: "We should let them escape. They're no threat."
Luc: "You're stupid. They're goblins, we should slaughter them all!"
Hil (my then girlfriend, now my wife, playing for the first time): "You're both stupid. If we take them as slaves, we could make a fortune!"

She has all the right instincts.

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#4 Postby Takeda » Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:40 pm

We were playing ourselves in a Zombie Apocalypse game.

Me: "Why did you throw that axe at me!?"

Dave: "The Zombie!"

Me: "Look. Don't help the bad guys 'kay. Never I mean never fire into melee. It's an easy rule to live by. This isn't some game. I've got a bad gash in my leg thanks to you."

Dave: "Sorry."
Dean: "Ya' know she could be faking."
Sam: "Yeah, what do you wanna do, poke her with a stick?"
[Dean nods]
Sam: "Dude, you're not gonna poke her with a stick?"
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#5 Postby Heru » Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:04 pm

We ran a WoD story with Æther rules in Wellstone City (you might be surprised how well it all meshed, check the system/settings out!). I was on a mission to collect the Fetch of one of our players. We were being hunted and we wanted all of our eggs in one basket.

Me: "We want to take you away, we have a wonderful facility with -much- better care. You will be pampered and safe."

Fetch: "I dunno, I like the pudding here. I can just sit here in my room and watch M.A.S.H. re-runs... Good gig. Where'd ya say you were from again? Chicago board of...?"

I had to think fast. I never mentioned Chicago, or any boards. In my haste, I blurted "Trains!"

Fetch:"Chicago Board of Trains?" At this point, our Storyteller stopped and said "Okay, I gotta hear how you'll write this off."

Me: "Yes, sir! It stands for Teaching Retired and Able Individuals NeuroScience."

I wish I could have captured that moment. Never before or since had I been able to just roll it right off the tongue like that.
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