advice on tech priest(ish) character

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advice on tech priest(ish) character

#1 Postby wheatiess » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:03 pm

wierd science screams 40k tech priest to me but when i went to create a character it was the hardest one i have ever put together

using hell on earth rules
his starting edges are

AB: weird science
barrier: drops shield generators that are toughness 10 but he can fire through

so good one would be charge weapons(smite) so he can build his own hot shot cells for lasguns or tinker with teams weapons

new power: summon ally(says i cant but mheh)
turns on his main servo skull. as the power scales as he goes up in level the skull will get better and better

the servo skull it pretty key to this gunsmith techie(he is not part of the techpreists of mars just a really smart techie that builds weapons/sheilds and fits bionics[ok he is a poor version of tony stark]) it looks like a servo skull but is more like the little robot sensor orb out of KOTOR 2 with a personality

so is having it a power with a cool down the way to go or should i give him animal bond(robots) so he gets him permanatly. but that would mean it stay at the same level till he gets side kick

the issue im having with weird science in 40k it that shields exist. hot shot cells exist, stealth armour is their, why would i waste an edge on bolt if a las pistol does 2d6 damage has 30 shots and its cells can be recharged in a power point

i like the barrier one as a portable field genorator is still wierd
he can hand out boost(drugs, mini implants) improve armour, animate servitors(zombie power, not really his style though) beast friend(shunts for taking over robots) stasis field genorator(entangle power/inverse quickness)

but most of these things can be bought with money. they may be expensive but they are permanant and often better than the spells. it does simulate him learning new schematics and testing things but later on all his powers may be useless

so what should i do about the servo skull
and what to do in a setting where everything is already weird

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#2 Postby Archmage » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:50 am

Hi wheaties,

sure u can go with an AB (weird science), but why not go with edges only?
Just erase the AB(weird science) and Weird Science skill requirements from Gadgeteer (now called Tech Priest) and Mr. Fix it(now called Chosen of the Machine God) and give him these. The gadgets coming from Tech Priest would have a fixed no. of PP (5 maybe) and basically resemble the powers of the Mechanicus implant and make additional uses per session possible by spending a Bennie.
McGyver is a nice addition to these edges.
Likewise u can make the Servoskull an edge like a sidekick...

Servo skull
Requirements : Smarts D8+, Repair D8+, Tech Priest

This edge grants the character a servo skull as companion, its an extra with the following stats (fill in as needed).

Improved Servo skull
Requirements : Veteran, Servo skull
The Servo skull gets either the henchman ability (3 wounds, no wild die), or the right hand abilty (1 wound, but wild die), characters choice.

Later on the sidekick edge could be modified for the servo skull.
As extras have the chance to lvl. up u can make him better with time.

Additional edges could be made to reflect more Tech Priest "Skills", additional Bionics can be bought (thus granting more Powers to the Mechanicus Implant).
How does that sound (I hope for F,F,F...)

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#3 Postby wheatiess » Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:34 pm

i really wanted to bounce it off someone else before it goes into use

i think your right about the servo skull being seperate edges

servo skull at novice
character can build and maintain one servo skull

improved servo at veteran
servo skull gains one wound and use of wild die

side kick at ledgendary
servo skull gains wild card status
but due to having to buy 3 edges the side kick rule of the charater dying would be replaced by him being able to fix it(2d6 hours) or build it agian(2d6days) if it died/went missing.

so servo skull
AG 6,STR 4, SP 6, SM 8, VIG 6
pace: 6 (flight)
parry: 7
fight:6,shoot:6, notice:8, repair:8: stealth:6, lockpicking(sm):6, tracking:4
(note basic servo would have slightly less this is a custom version)

+1immune to poisin etc.
+4 dodge +2(included)
+4 parry +2(included)
-4 tough -2(included)
-2 on arm
-3 str cost double to raise at all times

is mechanical(use repair instead of heal)

comes with internal las pistol enc.2, plasteel shell +4 armour enc.10,internal sensor array enc.5 so could only carry 3 enc before it starts tacking penalties

as for powers im really starting to like his shield genorators but having them burn out might be cool to finding the time to rebuild them each session would be hard.

for a blur field(deflection) that has 2+ normal and 4+ on a raise is it determined by the person turning it on or when he builds it. if each device takes him 15 minutes to make and uses parts(say 3+d3) he should hand them over at the level he built them at. i guess people dont know how to use them but d4-2 means they will fail more often than not and hardly ever get a raise.

i think gadetter is the bit i like. was even thinking of just doing it as a standard AB with techi trapings as most of his power and the power from many of his abilities comes from an internal device

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