Edges, Hindrances, and Tarot Cards

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Edges, Hindrances, and Tarot Cards

#1 Postby Utgardloki » Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:10 pm

With regard to edges and hindrances, I'm considering the following:

I will deal the player five tarot cards, three upright and two reversed. The two reversed are hindrances, while the three upright are edges. If the player wishes to discard a hindrance, she has to also discard an edge. She may discard both hindrances by discarding two edges.

The player may also, if he wishes, trade edges and hindrances with other players or select a card to replace one you have, or even trade for an edge or hindrance that is in the book. Exception: the player can not take an edge that does not exist in the setting, and can not take a hindrance that will not actually hinder your character, and can not take a hindrance that I feel will be disruptive.

With my approval, a player may invent his own edges or hindrances.

The purpose is to try to make it simpler by just giving players edges and hindrances without having to have the players pour over the list and agonize over choices. But if a player wants something, she can have it, as long as it fits in the campaign (in my opinion as the GM, of course).

I also think this gives an air of destiny to the character. If the player accepts edges and hindrances that she's been dealt, there is an indication that this is the character's destiny.

I was even thinking of using tarot cards rather than regular cards for initiative, but that might be going too far.

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#2 Postby SeeleyOne » Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:27 pm

This may work for some people, but for me it would be best for NPCs or just to get my creative juices started. I may get something really cool, but as a general rule I personally hate creating a character that I am planning on playing in any sort of random manner. I don't like to roll my stats, I don't like to roll my character history (even though I can possibly get cool benefits), I do not like rolling hit points. I like character generation and advancement to be choices and not subject to random chance. It really sucks to want to be a tough warrior only to roll a 1 for hit points, for example.

That said, you have some good ideas there. But for me I see it as a way to get character concept ideas, not necessarily a "set in stone" thing (like rolling your stats, background, etc. in an older-school RPG).

While the cards can be fun, making die-roll tables can also work. Or perhaps you could have the card be drawn, only to roll on a table for that card. That is probably a more flexible way to do it, as you only have to decide on what a baseline card does. I do not know the tarot cards, but let's say there is a Wizard. You draw the Wizard and get something with the Arcane Background of Magic. But you might also get a magical item, or something that is magic or occult in nature.
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The big question

#3 Postby Utgardloki » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:13 am

The big question I will need to decide for this is, of course, which edges and hindrances go with which card.

Each card needs to associate with an edge and a hindrance. I am quite quite free about making up edges and hindrances so maybe I should just take a tarot explanation book and make up 78 of each. I'd be interested if anybody has ideas on how edges and hindrances from the book would map to the tarot deck.

I'll probably use the Dragon tarot for this game.

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