Super Savage Multiverse

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Super Savage Multiverse

#1 Postby Willpower » Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:46 pm

I had a friend recently, inspired by the news of a New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book, run his own LoXG, and it got me thinking of a game to try.

I have been planning a modern fantasy, that included people with super powers, and could eventually turn into a full fledged super hero based world, that I was building my own system for, when I was introduced to SWs. So now I am considering running my game using SWs, but I wated to try out their super power system to see if it ran as smooth as other games. So I wanted to try a game that would showcase the super powers and have a theme sort of like LoXD. Super Savage Multiverse was born. It is a multidimensional adventure, where I had decided anyone can bring any superhero-type character into the game, given the one restriction of only one superhero per "universe". For the sake of the game, different universes within the same mythos, constitute the same universe, so we don't have 3 people playing Superman and 2 playing Batman. This doesn't have to be comic book worlds either. Anything that utilyzes super powers and has a particular feel would have been allowed.

The team we are ending up with (haven't played it yet) Is Cyborg from DC, Wolverine from Marvel, Freefall from Image, Ghost from Dark Horse and She Ra: Princess of Power from TV.

Given this I wanted a very large scale bad guy to go with the mission. Something along the lines of the Antimoniter, to produce a multi-universal threat. Although right away I decided I could not go AS powerful as the Antimonitor as that bad guy had an entire army of superheroes from several dimensions fighting him, where we only would have 5. First I tried to determine if the bad guy should be someone from one of their universe, or someone new. I already determined that the bad guy should be a serious nihilist as they were going to try and destroy all of reality. I finally decided to go the LoXG route and take someone elses bad guy from a different source than what we had.

If anyone from my group is reading this, they should stop now, as the rest of this will include spoilers. If I think you have read this it will cost you a Benny.

I ended up choosing to use Agent Smith from the Matrix as the bad guy. In our LoXG game someone used Neo, and we just flubbed the whole digital world thing, but I didn't really want to do that here, so I came up with an elaborate plan, which I grounded in a mystery some people claim we do have in the real world.

In the beginning Agent Smith took over the Matrix and defeated Neo. The rest of the computer world followed and Agent Smith overwrote all other programs. All then was boring. Smith existed without further purpose. He had destroyed the world in all general aspects except for physically doing so. Then one day Smith stumbled onto a new computer generated world. He thought their must be other computers that he had not found and became determined to take them over as well, to fulfill his purpose. This world was different though, instead of looking like the real world from the 20th century, it looked much different, dark colors accentuated with bright blues, whites and reds. The programs in it all knew they were programs, so this new Matrix did not seem meant to fool humans. In fact they seemed to revere humans, and referred to them as Users. Smith took over this universe the same as he did the Matrix, with a few new surprises. After he finally defeated Clu the ruler of this computer world, Smith found out that this was NOT a new computer world on his Earth, but that he had somehow traveled to a different digital mainframe on a whole NEW Earth.

On hearing this he did some looking and found that the grid had been connected to an experimental laser that could transfer a human into the mainframe, and could theoretically transfer a program, into the real world. Smith did this and set out looking for information on how to increasingly succeed in his purpose to destroy everything. He ended up finding out how to traverse dimensional boundaries, and even found out a way to set up a physical link between dimensions. This physical link would be a place where if something happened in one dimension, it would likewise happen in the dimension the link connects it too. This can only be accomplished at places that are virtually identical in both dimensions. This provides an offhand explanation for a haunted house, a place where things may appear to move on their own. They are not actually moving on their own, but someone in a linked dimension is moving them, and so in the other dimension they are moved as well.

Smith creates an army of clones to traverse the dimensions, and sets up a house that is linked through all dimensions. This was phase one of his plan, an experiment to see if his theory was sound. It resulted in a house that quickly takes on the reputation of being extremely haunted. After this succeeds the next part of his plan is to find a way to destroy one physical universe, and then try and destroy all of them. This is phase two and three of his plan.

In phase two he reopens an old abandoned natural gas plant in several dimensions. He needs to see if a reaction that extends beyond the place the dimensions are connected, will produce the same reaction in the other dimensions. The Natural Gas plant he reactivates is connected to underground pipelines, some of which go right under where a nuclear reactor is located in one dimension. He intends to blow up the gas plant, which will cause the gas throughout the pipelines to explode, and eventually will explode under the nuclear reactor causing it to go into meltdown.

Phase three required a lot of work in many different dimensions, but finely in one dimension, the Marvel dimension, Smith learned of an object called the Ultimate Nullifier, which is under the care of a tremendously powerful being called Galactus. Smith took over an alien planet and used all its might to try and take the Ultimate Nullifier from Galactus, but failed utterly. He then sent in a team of agents to try and sneak past Galactus to get it and failed as well. He then took over another planet and attacked Galactus again, but this time the attack was a diversion and his covert Smith team got in and took the Ultimate Nullifier. He then will attempt to use the Ultimate Nullifier at the heart of the haunted house, that he has linked with all other dimensions, in an attempt to destroy every universe.

Fortunately, I plan on getting the heroes involved after phase 1, but before 2 or 3 are complete. I want to know what people think, and if they have any suggestions to make this better. Right now, one thing I am doing is saying that when the PCs traverse the dimensional boundaries for the first time, that they bring a part of their reality with them. This was primarily for if one of their characters was from a dimension where the laws of physics worked differently, but it works here to allow me to bring in some of their villains and NPCs to this dimension for added drama.

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