[DAR] Ophi-Tech

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[DAR] Ophi-Tech

#1 Postby Heroglyph » Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:24 am

Recently a debate has arisen regarding the use of Ophi-Tech . In it's description it mentions that some may have access to it without being a Rhodes Scholar, and in other places in the text it mentions that certain security forces may be armed with Ophi-Tech.

My question is this: In such instances would the character still be required to take the AB: Ophi Tech Edge? It seems like an entire police force armed with Marconi guns would not have to have knowledge of science to use them. I ask because this is a matter of debate amongst myself and the GM.

I suggested implementing a new edge from the Thrilling Tales supplement called Gadget.

Requirements: Seasoned

The character has the use of a single Weird Science device--as if they had access to the Arcane Background (Weird Science).

The device is designed as per a normal Weird Science gizmo, but utilizes another skill rather than Weird Science for use (for example, Piloting or Shooting).

This edge is for character concepts where the hero has access to a gizmo, but is not the scientist who built it --for example, a down-on-his-luck air circus pilot who finds a high-tech rocket pack. (i.e The Rocketeer)

I would love to hear any thoughts on the matter. Do you think this new Edge would be appropriate to the setting? Or unbalancing in any way?

Without it, it seems impossible to play a character such as the Rocketeer, or a James Bond type. Neither of them makes their gadgets. They have either found them or been issued them.

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#2 Postby Sitting Duck » Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:31 am

Something you may find of interest is this Weird Science Hindrance I came up with called Guinea Pig.
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