Cool Story for a Deadlands game in SLC

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Cool Story for a Deadlands game in SLC

#1 Postby CarlH » Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:58 pm

See part three, Jean Baptiste (John Baptist), grave robber

"Wild stories began circulating through the city regarding the dead. Some had dreams; others claimed to have heard rapping on the floor, on beadsteads or tables, imagining that they were hearing from the spirits of the dead calling upon their friends." ... itycem.htm

Just thought I'd share since Halloween was coming up[/quote]
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#2 Postby Clash957 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:17 pm

NOTE: The below post contains and eludes to secret information 'bout the City o' Gloom. If you're a player or some such in Deadlands best you not read below.

Ah shucks, The Salt Lake Cemetery not having anything weird in Deadlands was nice seeing as there is like three or more groups of grave robbers in the city (Cletus & Willy for Rasmussen, The Salt Rattlers, other mad scientists, probably Hellstromme employees, Nosferatu from Skull Canyon) digging up the Gentile Cemetery. I liked the actual Salt Lake one to be the safest, quietest place in all of SLC (I keep it as a Fear Level 0). I think if I use this, maybe for a multi-sided grave robber war, I'll move him to the Gentile one.

Good information, Thanks.

If you want some other strange stuff for SLC, look up the Joseph Smith Sphinx.
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