[TAG] G-Men & Gangsters Faction Pack #4 released

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[TAG] G-Men & Gangsters Faction Pack #4 released

#1 Postby Wiggy » Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:11 am

G-Men & Gangsters #4: Canadian Mounties v. Seven Dragons

The Gang Wars heads north!
Previously neutral in the Gang Wars, Canada has been dragged into action by the spread of crime across its border. Backed by the British Army, the Mounties have donned their red jackets, saddled up, and taken the war to the heart of the problem.

Pitted against them are the martial artists and oriental mystics of the negarious Seven Dragon Brotherhood. Having spread to the former United States, they now have their eyes set on a new market--Canada.

This expansion contains background information, new Wild Card characters, additional troops, and sample army lists for the Canadian Mounties and Seven Dragon Brotherhood Factions. Also included are two Ace Tales and two new vehicles—-the ordnance-dropping "Litterbug" and the machine gun-totting "Broadside." Unit cards are provided for all new pedestrians and vehicles.

Available from the TAG store
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