Bounty Board (job salaries)

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Bounty Board (job salaries)

#1 Postby Clash957 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:09 pm

For my Deadlands game I have put together a list of possible work options for my posse to choose from while in the Nation of Deseret. I wanted it as both a quick reference and to kinda feel like a post office bounty board or help wanted section of a newspaper. The idea is to give the players a little more control and reason to where they are going and what they are doing. My hopes are to create a bounty board for every state in the Weird West.

I'm looking for a little input on salaries in the Weird West particularly for Junkyard factory workers, salt rattler Hunters on Landships, or enter bloodsports as amateurs for a single night. I don't really expect the posse to take on regular jobs, but rather to give them some perspective on how hard it is to make an honest buck. It doesn't hurt that many of the items indicate some the thing going on in the City o' Gloom.

Here's the Bounty Board so far for Utah:

Missing: Cal Yates late seen in Salt Lake City 1971. Reward of $2000 alive, $500 if you locate his remains. Contact Doctor Victor Yates, father, in Salt Lake City or visit Doc Yates for more information.
Come One, Come All! I Bill King will pay $50 any man or woman who lasts 5 minutes with The Pit Champion Easton Purdue.
Amateur Night: Do you think you have what it take to Swing? Why not try out? Winners take a quarter of bets made on them. That’s $12-120 for on night’s work!
Wanted: Doctor Leonitus P. Gash for crimes against God and the natural order things, unnecessary surgery, and operating without a medical licenses. $1000 Alive, $100 Dead. Nation of Deseret.
Wanted: Utah Starr, Leader of the Gang known as the Scorpions. Known harden killer of at least 18 men. $400 Dead-or-Alive. Nation of Deseret.
Wanted: Bonita Rose, Leader of the Outcasts Gang. $500 bounty for her alive. Nation of Deseret.
Looking for Adventure! Sign on with the Salt Flats Worming Company. Travel aboard one of our landships as deckhand. Learn a trade while being paid! Pay ranges from $90 to $120 a month. See Salt Flats Worming Company, Ogden, Utah.
Factory Work available. Pay 50 cents a day plus room in worker housing.
Inventors Welcome! Do you think you have the next big New Science Invention? Do you have several blueprints but lack the funding to get the project off the ground? Visit Smith & Robards Salt Lake Headquarters for possible employment opportunities.
Tired of traveling Snakeoil Trade? What to settle down into a more permanent location doing what you do best, selling? Come work for us over at California Corral as a used steam wagon salesman! Work is entirely based on commission of 5% of sales. You could make up to $500 a month with you salesman talents!

I wouldn't mind a couple of extra items to the list. If anyone has a better way to phrase (or better layout ideas) the items I would appreciate that as well.
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#2 Postby Snate56 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:58 am

How about some upcomming events like the circus comming to town, a town hall meeting concerning the squabble between cattlemen and the sheep flockers, or maybe a wild west show. The grand opening of a new establishment opening selling needful things...

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