A setting sketch (Falling Bastion)

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A setting sketch (Falling Bastion)

#1 Postby Clash957 » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:51 pm

played a little of the indy video game Bastion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastion_%28video_game%29 and had an idea for a rather quick campaign.

The players make characters with idea it is post industrial revolution but not before the 20th century era fantasy. No back story as all character awake not remembering anything except in times of trouble to make their way to the Bastion, a strong hold in the center of their capital. During the short trip they find themselves on a sort of floating island city that look it has bee ravaged by war. Off in the distance, they see other floating islands.

Once they reach Bastion, the players find themselves to be the only survivors that have made it there so far except or an old man whose legs don't work any longer. Each rolls a d10 to determine which of the ten gods they have angered as one of their only starting clues. Allowed Arcane Backgrounds: Alchemist (magic), Psionics, Weird Science.

Before they can really ask all the questions or relax the Bastion is attacked by strange ghost like creatures in black rubber suits that burst into flames once their suit is ruptured. Once the players secure the Bastion they discover a some history and a telescope that allows them to view the other floating islands and other survivors of what has happened.

What did happen:
The planet was polluted by the factories making the surface unlivable. The humans merged a type of hydrogen based native fauna with rubber suits to form a symbiosis with the suit and the creature and used the creatures (called Windbags) to float an island the size of England above the pollution. Maintaining psychic slavery of the sub-human intellect creatures.

After generations war broke out between two factions on the floating island. As a sort of final solution, one side sent psychic feedback through the minds of the Windbags causing many of them to commit suicide by bursting out of their containment suits which result is a huge fiery blast instantly incinerated almost everyone.

The blast is holding the islands aloft but far too many Windbags perished to sustain flight. Combined with the many of the remaining mature Windbags being completely enraged and only the larval form left to float the islands in less than a year the island will crash upon the polluted surface of the planet.

Even when the islands start to fall the relativism of everything make is difficult to even notice although people will be able to jump/fly from island to since everything is falling (not physical accurate but rule of cool).

What the player characters must do is one survive the zombie like hordes of the Windbags, discover the fact the islands are indeed falling (relative motion hiding this), battle the remaining enemy forces, and try to stop islands from falling or save the remaining survivors crashing into the surface and survive in the pollution. All within less than a year.

While doing this, they discover they were priests of the gods that now shun them form dooming all life. Hence, the angered god roll. Any of the surviving player character were in fact the architects of the final solution.

I know it sort of has a Sundered Skies feel (it also doesn't follow Bastion all that close), and I haven't fleshed out a lot of details, but I think it could be a fairly good 10-12 adventure campaign.
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