fantasy black powder damage is 2d10 to high for a range weap

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fantasy black powder damage is 2d10 to high for a range weap

#1 Postby wheatiess » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:53 pm

is the higher damage die in our setting to much?

i play in a setting where armour can go up to 6(well 5 for most if they can ever affoard it).

so if i have a vigour 10 villian walking around in full plate he will be toughness 12 or 14 with shield against ranged(half 10 +2 +5(armour) + 2(shield)

black powder weapons are a bit different as well

they require a reload test with a new skill(blackpowder skill target number 4)
rifles are snap fire (so no kiteing like archers)
can misfire at anytime not only when over loaded
cost alot more to buy and fix and keep stocked
cant recover powder and balls like bolts
make a crap load of noise and smoke
cant get double shot and rapid shot so always one shot per turn max

but pistols do 2d8 damage and rifles do 2d10 damage
both have ap 4

so the character can shoot every second turn and do 2d10 +4(if target has 4 or more armour) before called shoots come into play. the issue comes up with boss fights when a musket can hit on a four then drop him with one good(not great) roll.

for comparison
bows do 2d6
crossbows 2d8 (no ap)
pistols and blunderbuss 2d8 ap4
rifles 2d10 ap4

black powder weapons in this setting are hard to use and expensive to run so i think thier damage is balanced vs operating costs

has anyone had weapons like this in their games(one trick big hitters)
this is more for fluff then realism(warhammer if anyone was wondering)

as a side note the musketter did kill the boss but it worked out really well as it was the 5th round and the boss was about the pulpify the squigy mage

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#2 Postby farik » Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:34 am

Personally based on what you describe as wanting from black powder weapons in your setting. I would change the pistol and blunderbuss to 1d20 (no AP). and change the rifle to 5d4 (no AP).

The smaller arms would generate erratic amounts of damage ranging from ineffective to devastating while the rifle would generally be more consistent except when it's damage dice explode like crazy.

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#3 Postby Zadmar » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:47 am

wheatiess wrote:is the higher damage die in our setting to much?

It's really up to you, if it works for your game then go with it.

But personally I would consider that rather high, yes. Your black powder rifles have the same damage and AP as a Barrett, while your black powder pistols have the same damage and twice the AP of a Desert Eagle. Those are top-of-the-range firearms in their respective categories (rifle and pistol) in a modern setting, and firearms tend to dominate modern games.

The reload time is obviously a serious drawback, but there's nothing stopping you from carry a couple of spares, or even beginning combat with a pistol in each hand. You can draw a new weapon as a single action, or use Quick Draw to draw it as a free action.

As an aside, one of the reasons why gunpowder weapons became so popular on the battlefield is that they were much easier to use than bows. If you're requiring a separate "Blackpowder" skill to reload them, it's actually going to make them more difficult to learn than any other weapon.

Why not use the weapon stats from the core rules, out of interest? They're already decent.

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#4 Postby cpk666 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:15 am

2d10 is what shotgun slugs do. So the blackpowder weapons are just single-shot shotguns. The AP is very high, however. What sort of penetrating material are they using that can't be modified to work on arrows & bolts? Especially bolts, which have AP 2 in the core rules.
Other than that, I don't see them as overpowering, but I do think the additional skill is a bit excessive.

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