Circular Bases for 28mm Figurines?

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Circular Bases for 28mm Figurines?

#1 Postby kronovan » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:21 pm

I just used my last base a few weekends ago and unfortunately my FLGS doesn't have any more in stock and their supplier no longer distritubes them. I tossed the packaging a while ago, so I'm not even sure who the manufacturer was. I'm hoping to find plastic ones as I almost always run my games on a plexiglass sheet and there's far less chance of scratching.

If anyone knows of a good manufacturer or source for circular bases for 28mm fig's, I'd appreciate hearing about them. Preferably a manufacturer or distriubutor to an online retailer, as my FLGS owner will start stocking them if I can come up with a source. But if you only know of an online retailer, that's cool too. ;)

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#2 Postby JackMann » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:32 pm

Here you are.

Their site is more oriented to selling online directly, but their "Contact Us" page says they're interested in getting retailers to carry their products.

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Jordan Peacock
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#3 Postby Jordan Peacock » Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:49 pm

Are you looking for PLAIN bases, SLOTTED bases, textured bases, etc.?

Reaper has plastic slotted bases in various sizes.

74023 - 30mm Round Plastic Base (MSRP 12 for $4.99)
(These are the bases that Reaper's Chronoscope and Savage Worlds figures come on.)

74015 - 1" square plastic base (MSRP 12 for $4.99)
(I think these are used for some of Reaper's "Warlord" fantasy miniatures.)

For decorated bases, there are a number of suppliers of either complete bases (often cast in resin), or base "inserts" (often metal, meant to be put on top of a plastic standard base). My personal favorite would be War Cast Studio's "industrial" resin bases, which, depending on how I paint them, work reasonably well for futuristic sci-fi or rusty steampunk, depending on how I paint them.

25mm industrial round bases (MSRP 10 @ $5.95)

Wyrd Miniatures has plastic bases and metal decorative base inserts. I'd include a picture, but apparently their site doesn't like that. They have 30mm plastic slotted bases (the same type used for Chronoscope and Savage Worlds minis) in packs of 10 for MSRP $3.00.

(They have a number of interesting metal inserts, but they're very pricey by my standards -- around $13.50 for 5 inserts -- and you have to get the plastic bases separately.)

Also, there's Litko, which is an example of a company that offers laser-cut bases out of various materials and in various sizes. For instance, 10 round 25mm bases from Litko are listed as $2.49. (For $11.49, you can get 100.)

I have not personally done any business with Litko, but a while back Gale Force 9 used to offer laser-cut bases of similar material that they'd deliver in "take-out boxes" in bulk (i.e., you'd get a box with whatever type of base you wanted, and as many as could be fit into a standard package -- so if you wanted bigger bases, you'd get fewer of them, and vice versa). A large number of my figures are based on those.

Froggy the Great's method is probably the most economical: He just puts his miniatures on pennies for bases. :D

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#4 Postby Count Zero » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:32 pm

I use 1" fender washers from Home Depot.
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#5 Postby VonDan » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:14 pm

For just the plan black bases in 1 and 2 inch to match the bases fro D&D mini i was using wood disk from the craft store. I have made a few of the 2 ich disk for monsters and giants out of heavy black latigo leather, then a cut some 1 inch out of ABS plastic with a 1 inch hole punch

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#6 Postby kronovan » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:55 pm

Jordan Peacock wrote:Are you looking for PLAIN bases, SLOTTED bases, textured bases, etc.?

PLAIN bases that are NOT SLOTTED. They're replacement bases for some Heroclix I recently picked up, so I don't really need slots.

Many thanks for the suggestions so far, I'm checking into them and forwarding the information to my FLGS.

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