Persuation (HoE Classic)

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Persuation (HoE Classic)

#1 Postby Amdramnar » Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:46 pm

Character had Purty and The Voice, each of which modify the Persuation skill. They think it would also help with Performin' Singing. I ruled that Persuation is more getting someone to do something they do not want where Performin has an audience willing participating in the interaction.

While I am the Marshal so my interpretation wins, I figure I would get others opinions.


Information Gathering. There is not a general information gathering skill. Streetwise is used to deal with the seedy side of society but what is used for a general "Posse wants to find out about something" skill.

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:52 pm

A soothing voice would certainly help for most singers; the other voices could be situationally useful. Given the extreme efforts to make singers look good, I would allow Purty to apply to a live performance.

The Aptitude for gathering information is going to vary with the situation. But if they guy want to make a couple of rolls to get the information - I'd ask my posse what they want to use and how they're going to justify it. If I agree then they can roll it, but not all plans will work in all situations.
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#3 Postby Fists-of-Dorn » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:19 am

For me it would depend on the voice selected, presumably Soothin' for persuasion, and the style of song and singer. Not much use for that soothin' voice with speed metal, scat, or gangsta rap, but great for crooners, some country, and rhythm and blues. Even so I would prefer that the character take a voice specific to performin' their style of songs.

Again Purty is only going to be useful when the singer is attempting to attract the attentions of the opposite sex. If the character is a crooner with a sidekick playing piano and he's trying to get the attentions of a woman in the crowd, then I would allow purty to have an affect on her ( though most likely I would just have the player make a simultaneous persuasion roll during his performance ).

As for information gathering, ValhallaGH has it. Ask the players who are intent on having their characters seek out information what kind of information the character is after and how they intend to get it.
Maybe a mercenary-minded character decides to use his Streetwise to find a local who knows a lot of the goings on in the settlement, then after talking to him for a minute or two he decides that overawe is the best way to get the information he wants concerning the rumors of the town's mayor being corrupt from the information broker.
Meanwhile the crooner has his sights set on attracting the attention of the beautiful proprietor of the saloon he is performing in. So during a particularly good performance- used to get the attention of the lady who is usually rather detached from personal interactions with the entertainers- then he uses his persuasion to gain her interest. Afterward when she meets him in his "dressing room" he can use his persuasion again to gain her trust so that she risks discloses information regarding the corrupt mayor.
A junker might use his ranks of drivin': battlesuit and his knowledge die type to strike up a conversation with an old soldier he heard reminiscing about his days in one of the armored infantry groups. Shortly into the conversation he learns that the soldier is here considering about joining up with the town's guards because he heard that there was good pay and benefits. The junker doesn't want to have to fight his new friend later on, so he uses his bluff to play up the rumors he has already heard about the town's mayor is corrupt and that the guards act as his own personal army within the settlement. Next thing you know the fourth player character has a reason to work with the other three in determining the amount of truth to the rumors they have all heard.


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