stacking parry makes for better duels

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stacking parry makes for better duels

#1 Postby wheatiess » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:42 pm

i read the post saying that 2 rapiers dont stack their parry bonus but then what about rapier and Main guache(thought main g was in the rule book only in the setting book and is explained as off hand only), very standard to weild one in your off hand. high parry is fun when you get spot weakness, lunge,extraction and first strike it really start to fell like a duel

back away attack with reach, they attack you get first strike, shake them then use wild attack to get raise and higher damage. lots of near hits, fights last longer and that lucky roll feels a lot more important when you raise and slice from gullet to groin

i have raise all swords parry by one so rapier is 2 norm is one and great 0
axes have a higher die when raised (vicous)
and picks do less base damage for a set AP value

certain numbers can go high if you keep everything else simple. mooks are mooks. do them in groups of 3-6 all the same stats all on the same card roll attacks at the same time and dived them fairly

1) rapier and parrying dagger do or dont stack( can ignore this unless you want to talk about wielding two swords and having that stack)

2) makeing duels feel epic (starwars, pirates, musketters any other)

3) raising sword parry and giving each weapon a quality (dont go into this to much as it come up in lots of other posts)

4) number creep in armour, parry and combat skills

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Re: stacking parry makes for better duels

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:48 am

wheatiess wrote:what about rapier and Main guache

See Clint's post at the end of this thread:

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