How Far Do Cyborgs Travel In A Day

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How Far Do Cyborgs Travel In A Day

#1 Postby Amdramnar » Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:59 am

Since at best cyborgs only need an hour downtime and do not need to eat, it seems reasonable they could walk longer distances and not be limited to the 8 hours per day at a reasonable speed.

Would you have cyborgs travel at the same 20 miles per day or bump them up to perhaps horse speed of 40 miles per day? or higher?

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#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:07 pm

Depends upon a few things: if the deader is trying to hide his nature, the terrain being crossed, how generous the Marshal is feeling, trouble along the way (critters, raiders, hazards, etc.), what load is being hauled, and if the can is trying to be quick.
But, for a 'borg in a hurry, I'd guess that being able to go at pace for roughly 22 hours a day would let them cover about fifty (50) miles in a day. If they have an unusually high Pace (10+) then I'd be inclined to give them a few more miles.

Remember, the guidelines in the rules are guidelines. There is a great deal of variance among both individuals and groups, but for quick and easy calculation of travel time such guidelines are incredibly useful. For precise determination of an individual's travel time, such guidelines are misleading.

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#3 Postby mcellis » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:56 am

It depends, but it seems to me that Pace isn't a great translation of actual running speed, it's for measuring distance in a combat situation.

People can cover a long distance in a day, especially if they are in the physical condition to do it. 40 miles in a day is quite possible, and 80-90 miles a day or more isn't unheard of. Granted those high numbers are usually done by people carrying no load and usually being supported by full time teams in vehicles.

But consider that most Cyborgs should have some sort of military background and the physical training to go with it, on top of the fact that they are really just dead flesh and machine fused together, and that they don't really need rest, food, or water, or even to breath for that matter.

As long as terrain and hostile encounters aren't too much of an issue I could see a reasonably loaded cyborg easily covering 60 miles a day or more, and probably much more since unlike most people they could pretty much run flat out for the entire day. Let's assume a fast human mile running speed of 15mph, rather than a flat out sprint speed in the 25mph or more range and lets call it 22 hours a day (1 hour of downtime, and 1 hour to negotiate any terrain) you get 330 miles per day! Even if you slow it down and take more time out Cyborgs can really eat up the distance.

But I definitely think ValhallaGH has some very good points about terrain, load, and hazards, as well as it being conspicuous as hell. It is a curious question though, what was the situation in your game?

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#4 Postby Amdramnar » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:34 am

I am just starting the campaign so instead of starting with everyone meeting in a tavern (YAWN), I am putting no restrictions on where they start and worked out a scenario to get them all to the same location.

Thus I need a general idea on how far they need to travel as well as an average rate of travel so I can set up the mini encounters to occur at a particular time to allow them to reasonably get to the so called "tavern"

So I am using the general guideline for travel (walking 20 miles, horse 40 miles) as a good safe average for long distance travel. I believe these can be exceeded for either short term or with more than your "normal" dangers.

This all works excxept for the cyborg in the group needing to get from Montana to Kansas.

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