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#21 Postby ValhallaGH » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:18 pm

H, allow me to reciprocate. Thank you for your service.

I'm never surprised when a Mustang punks higher ranked officers that lack his experience. I'm only surprised when the reverse happens. :)

As for the question you almost asked, the XM-21 is 14 pounds. The 16 pound Ripper has RoF 2, implying a rate of fire on par with a Mk 19. (For those of you watching, that's a freaking-awesome 40mm grenade machine gun with a cyclic rate of fire of 325 to 327 rounds per minute.)
As you highlighted, though not explicitly, 2 pounds is a big deal.
Then there's the part of your post that you and I know is opinion, but those without our knowledge base might mistake for fact. Sloppy, and if intentional then only effective when dealing with the ignorant - informed folks are much more likely to dismiss the entire argument using the fallacious view that any errors mean your entire argument is flawed.

The Corps and the desert knocked my urge to look for fights out of me, but they reinforced my willingness to engage. :mrgreen:
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#22 Postby Clint » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:10 am

You guys are done now, right?

Cause really, us ignorant folks don't know what you're talking about anymore. ;)
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#23 Postby jpk » Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:40 pm

Clint wrote:Cause really, us ignorant folks don't know what you're talking about anymore. ;)

I assume it's chemistry or Melnibonean economic theory...

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#24 Postby newForumNewName » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:25 pm

ValhallaGH wrote:The Corps and the desert knocked my urge to look for fights out of me

Funny how that happens... Those with the most experience in fights rarely want to fight.
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#25 Postby Hellfire6A » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:08 pm

V sad to say I never got to fire a Mk 19. 249, 240, Ma Deuce, 105 (old M1), way better than the 120 in my opinion (versatility still more round types as far as I know), of course several different versions in the M16 fam. Now that my career is over I find myself continuing to want to try new toys :-D Alas my wallet isn't deep enough. Favorite small arm of all time is still the .45 ACP M1911!

Not sure I really know the definition for punked. My Dad was a CMSGT and an ex-Marine, as well as decorated combat vet Korea and Vietnam. I am pretty sure I saw him punk some officers in his time. Me not so much I just pointed out that they were giving illegal orders and thought I'd cave because I was junior to them. One got relieved of command. I did punk some senior NCOs that tried to jack with my soldiers. A PSG and a CSM that liked to hold late night police calls right before the weekend. Its funny what people will try to get away with when they don't realize the shiny new LT is an old NCO himself :)

I know I have mentioned being around a few folks that have had less than stellar character while I was in the military. They were the exceptions that proved the rule. If anything I seemed like a lodestone for that type of person. I somehow ended up being put in a position for cleaning up messes...the result of what I feel was a rather unenviable reputation. For all the knuckleheads there were 10 outstanding soldiers to outweigh each of them. I was and am very proud of the people I was honored to serve with.

Clint no more chest thumping for me. :oops:

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