[S2P] Are We Supposed to Get Notifications of Updated PDFs?

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[S2P] Are We Supposed to Get Notifications of Updated PDFs?

#1 Postby Thunderforge » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:36 am

I know that Studio2Publishing isn't technically a licensee, but this seemed the most appropriate place. I've tried e-mailing Studio2Publishing several times and haven't gotten any response about this, so I figured this was the best outlet.

When a PDF from Studio2Publishing gets updated (as it did with the fixed up version of Hell on Earth Reloaded a few weeks ago), are you supposed to get e-mail notifications about it? I checked the boxes saying that I wanted "product updates" about the things I purchased, but I never got anything telling me that there was an updated Hell on Earth PDF. Had I not read on these forums that there was an update, I never would have known. Is this what everyone experiences or is it just me?
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#2 Postby jpk » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:12 pm

Of the three main PDF storefronts, neither Studio 2 nor DriveThru have automated notifications. DriveThru has a one-click notification tool that our DriveThru guy usually remembers to click. I believe the new Pinnacle PDF store does have automated notices, but I've not gotten any reports to confirm that behavior "in the wild."
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