Pirate-Appropriate Miniatures from Reaper

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Pirate-Appropriate Miniatures from Reaper

#1 Postby Jordan Peacock » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:35 pm

Arrr! I've been cataloging various Reaper minis for use in pirate-themed Savage Worlds adventures (e.g., Pirates of the Spanish Main, 50 Fathoms, Savage World of Solomon Kane, Privateers' Bounty), especially since I have a number of them already. Some of the choices would be fairly obvious (especially if there's "pirate" or "mermaid" in the name), but there are a few Reaper minis I've picked up that I found worked surprisingly well to represent pirate-y types (and their pets), depending upon how I did the paint job.

I kept this one to characters that look like they might fall into the late 16th to early 18th century, arbitrarily considering that to be vaguely the "age of piracy" as portrayed in most pirate settings. There are a number of figures that technically "could work" here for a number of categories (e.g., lots of ghosts and skeletons that aren't beholden to any particular time period, and any number of animals), but I tried to err toward "things I could really use for a pirate campaign" and "things that look at least kind of pirate-y."

Boxed Sets:
* 10028: Legends of the Sands - Arabian Adventurers (for a "Barbary Coast" campaign)
* 10029: Village of Kullhaven - Townsfolk 1 (more Medieval than 17th century, but still a good source for passable civilians)
* 10011: Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea (normal pirates)
* 10024: Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea 2 (fantasy pirates)
* 16521: Razig's Revenge Warlord Starter Set (undead pirates - discontinued; contents are still available as individual figures)

Pirates, Sailors & Swashbucklers:
* 02508: Rudiger, Pirate Lord
* 03011: Alfonso, Musketeer
* 03131: Eric Swiftblade, Swashbuckler
* 03144: Captain Wilmont Silver
* 03152: Peg Leg Pete, Pirate Cook (with parrot)
* 03164: Captain Hook
* 03176: Blackbeard, Pirate
* 03224: Arven Scarhull, Pirate Captain (with parrot)
* 03252: Anatole, Male Pirate Harpooner
* 03353: Pirate King and Queen (2)
* 03378: Santoine De Franze, Pirate
* 03445: Drunken Pirate (pirate, ship's wheel, monkey)
* 03452: Culk, Young Rake
* 03627: Stieg Brinegrog, Pirate (w. harpoon)
* 03635: Pirate Captain and Cabin Boy
* 03646: Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain
* 06174: Blackreef Pirates (9)
* 14315: Rod Blackreef, Mercenaries Sergeant
* 14388: Blackreef Pirate (also in "Blackreef Pirates" pack)
* 60137: Captain Kerdak Bonefist
* 77132: Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain (Bones)
* 77134: Hajad, Pirate (Bones)

Lady Pirates & Swashbucklers:
* 02826: Terezinya and Familiar (2) (with undead monkey(?) sidekick)
* 02956: Cyndria Stormcaller
* 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist
* 03012: Olivia, Musketeer
* 03130: Isabella Florentina
* 03155: Vandora Waverunner, Pirate
* 03311: Rhaine, Rogue
* 03379: Dandy Franchesca, Female Pirate
* 03613: Angelica Fairweather
* 03632: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate
* 50134: Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer
* 60065: Ailyn Ghantosavos
* 60134: (Pathfinder) Isabella Locke
* 77131: Finaela, Female Pirate (Bones)
* 77135: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate (Bones)

* 60053: Blackjack
* 60076: Grey Gardener
* 60085: Lirianne, Gunslinger

Pirates & Adventurers of the Barbary Coast:
* 02297: Kaballah the Collosus
* 02388: Jalahandra Warrior
* 02396: Jalahandra Warrior
* 02406: Shadow Assassin
* 02426: Aziz Al-Jawar (sorcerer/vizier)
* 02439: Urji, Arab Pirate
* 02447: Sallah, Arabian Hero
* 02586: Nabin, Desert Ranger
* 02970: Rasia, Bladedancer
* 14129: Mi-Sher, Nefsokar Sergeant (as "Mi-Sher, Dervish" but with Warlord plastic base)
* 14314: Arik Tallazar, Mercenaries Hero
* 50193: Thugee Cultist (yeah, I know there shouldn't be any Thugees on the Barbary Coast, but it just looks about right...)
* 60052: Almah, Merchant Princess

Vikings of the Frozen North: (never mind that time period issue; they might just be back from Valhalla!)
* 02556: Erik Redbeard, Viking
* 02699: Wiglaf, Viking
* 02931: Lars Ragnarson, Viking
* 02939: Viking Girl
* 03038: Oksana, Viking Maiden
* 03240: Olaf, Viking Chieftain
* 03287: Bryndi, Female Warrior
* 03384: Ingrid, Female Viking Warrior
* 03385: Amon, Viking Warrior
* 06054: Viking Warriors, Kjord (4)
* 77052: Aina, Female Valkyrie (Bones)

Fantasy Pirates:
* 01420: Pirate Sophie
* 01519: 2012 Reaper Con Sophie
* 03128: Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate (with monkey pet)
* 03156: Turuk Stronghull, Minotaur
* 03188: Gagnar Scragslayer, Half-Orc Pirate
* 03211: Goblin Pirate and Powder Monkey (2)
* 03241: Aroudj Firebeard (Dwarf Pirate)
* 03242: Rozmina (Half-Orc Female Pirate)
* 03251: Finaela, Half-Elf Pirate
* 03261: Bergo Ironbelly, Halfling Pirate
* 03373: Sindolese, Hellborn Sorceress
* 03482: Lauren Silversail, Female Elf Pirate
* 03623: Finaela, Female Half-Elf Pirate
* 03626: Gruff Grimecleaver, Pirate Dwarf
* 60033: Skinsaw Man (demonic fop)
* 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate

* 03329: Hannah Blackruby, Female Wizard
* 60087: Master Spy (lady in masquerade ball outfit)
* 60031: Queen Ileosa of Korvosa
* 60036: Visbaronetess Delour Alamaxa
* 60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain

Civilians - Western:
* 02584: Townsfolk II (3)
* 02845: Townsfolk VI: Gravedigger & Henchman (2)
* 60058: Plague Doctor
* 65009: Strumpets (3)
* 65086: Bartender and Wenches (3)
* 77143: Townsfolk - Undertaker (Bones)
* 77142: Townsfolk - Blacksmith (Bones)
* 77088: Townsfolk - Grandmother (Bones)
* 77086: Townsfolk - Strumpet (Bones)

Civilians - Western Medieval-ish: (more Medieval than 17th century, but passable for assorted civilians)
* 02825: Townsfolk V (3)
* 03123: Townsfolk VIII: Village Mob (3)
* 03233: Townsfolk: Children (6) (4 kids + 2 chickens)

Western Monks, Friars, Inquisitors & Clergy:
* 02087: Brother Louis IV (bishop)
* 02461: Cobart, Male Mage
* 02950: Townsfolk VII: Clergy
* 03205: Friar Stone, Traveling Monk
* 03561: Brother Roberto, Cleric
* 14328: Olivia, Mercenaries Cleric

Wandering Pilgrims:
* 02861: Abram Duskwalker

Civilians - Barbary Coast:
* 02433: Omar Al-Kafour (sultan)
* 02448: Dancing Girls (2)
* 02497: Jasmine Silverveil
* 02749: Jade, Dancing Girl
* 02290: Crypt of the Vampiress (works as another "dancing girl" plus treasure, etc.)
* 03075: Sorceress on Flying Carpet
* 03531: Nalani, Dancing Girl
* 14318: Cleric of Ishnar, Mercenaries Cleric
* 50086: Moroccan Merchant
* 60133: Katapesh Merchant
* 65022: Lily, Dancing Girl

Pirate Pets:
* P02756C: Boneyard - Squirrel, Rabbit, Monkey, Ferret (from 02756 Familiar Pack IV)
* P02848B: Boneyard - Turtle, Raccoon, Armadillo (from 02848: Familiar Pack V)
* P02934B: Boneyard - Arm and Bird (bird on gauntlet, from 02934 "Wood Elf King"; could be painted as a parrot)
* P10011G: Boneyard - Pirates Monkey Treasure (from "Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea 2")
* P01420B: Boneyard - Parrot (from "Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea 2" and "Pirate Sophie")
* 03479: Murder of Crows (one or two could be clipped off for parrot duty)

Pirate Pests (AKA Rat Swarms)
* 02353: Rat Swarm (2)
* 03394: Rat Swarm (2)

Witches & Hags:
* 02678: Swamp Hag
* 02682: Selmarina, Witch
* 03549: Witch, Cauldron and Cat (3)
* 14196: Greka, Reven Solo
* 14578: Sea Hag
* 60077: Baba Yaga

Vampires: (some also work well for civilians if you file down those claws/fangs)
* 02810: Hyrekia, Sorceress
* 02867: Mathias the Twisted
* 03119: Rafael, Vampire Noble
* 03150: Siobhana, Vampire Noble
* 03383: Vampire Spawn (2)

* 03493: Rumscratch, Dwarf Wereshark
* 03588: Shred Bloodgill, Hammerhead Wereshark
* 03617: Karkarion Shark Warrior
* 03625: Karnedge Gorefathom, Karkarion
* 03630: Rogal Manystripes, Tiger Karkarion
* 03650: Karkarion Nurse Shark
* 65076: Wereshark

Mermaids/Naiads: (warning: partial nudity)
* 03078: Pearl, Mermaid
* 03300: Children of the Zodiac - Pisces
* 03330: Lilaea, Naiad
* 03554: Coral, Mermaid
* 03611: Mab Grindylow, Sea Hag
* 03629: Aerakallis, Vampire Mermaid

Other Merfolk:
* P02741A: Boneyard - Sea Nymph
* 03140: Ollamiel, Male Sea Elf
* 03141: Sushanthe, Female Sea Elf

Fish People:
* 02219: Domnu of the Slithe
* 02419: Slithe Warrior
* 03161: Slithe Raiders (2)
* 03402: Slithe Champion
* 03616: Tiik Warriors (2) (angler-fish men)
* 50168: Sea Creature of Blood Reef
* 77186 Tiik Warrior (Bones)
* 77187 Tiik Champion (Bones)

Undead Pirates - Packs: (some duplication with individual figures below)
* 06150: Bone Marines, Razig Adept (9)
* 06151: Chain Gang, Razig Adept (9)
* 06152: Skeletal Crewmen, Razig Grunt (9)
* 06153: Skeletal Harpooners, Razig Grunt (9)
* 06154: Zombie Recruits, Razig Grunt (9)

Undead Pirates:
* 02437: Captain Razig
* 03615: Captain Razig, Undead Pirate
* 14029: Razig, Razig Warlord
* 14084: Soulcannon, Razig Warmachine (cannon & cannoneer)
* 14218: Baron LeBone, Razig Captain
* 14271: Mister Blood, Razig Captain
* 14272: Blackknife, Razig Sergeant
* 14273: Grim Pete, Razig Sergeant
* 14275: Jackie Bones, Razig Hero
* 14349: Skeletal Crewman, Razig Grunt (note: great for customizing!)
* 14392: Skeletal Chain Ganger
* 14402: Skeletal Harpooner
* 14414: Bone Marine
* 14428: Zombie Recruit
* 14576: Crow's Nest Willy

Other Vaguely-Appropriate Undead:
* 02106: Hecklemeyer, Jester
* 02696: Charon (undead ferryman, lantern pole, boat)

Water/Wind Elementals:
* 02252: Wind Elemental
* 02253: Water Elemental
* 02778: Air Elemental
* 02780: Water Elemental

Genies, Efreets, and Marids:
* 02436: Kazala the Efreet
* 02927: Hassan, Genie
* 03254: Naseer, Genie of Hakir
* 03322: Efreeti Emir
* 14245: Dust Devil, Nefsokar Monster
* 60061: Shazathared, Marid

Ghosts & Banshees:
* 03027: Spectre
* 03170: Lurien, Ghost
* 03342: Borley, Male Ghost
* 14053: Kaena, Necropolis Solo
* 14168: Gauren, Necropolis Hero (male ghost in noble finery)
* 14183: Aysa, Necropolis Solo
* 14274: Clarissa the Banshee, Razig Mage
* 50177: Sandwoman (sand-spirit)

Mouslings: (because, hey, it's a pirate mouse ... sure, that could come in handy, right?)
* 03522: Mousling Savage, Pirate, and Duelist (3)

Sea Monsters:
* 02634: Well of Doom (for the tentacles, minus the "well")
* 03172: Hippocampus
* 03533: Goroloth Drone
* 03634: Sea Lion
* 14501: Scuttlebones, Undead Crab
* 14559: Bathalian Centurion
* 50062: Bathalian Exarch
* 50142: Bathalian Primarch
* 50224: Bathalian Drone
* 65102: Goroloth
* 88139: Hydrotherosaurus (Blue) (CollectA - dinosaur)
* 88237: Liopleurodon (CollectA - dinosaur)
* 88320: Tylosaurus (CollectA - dinosaur)
* 88440: Rhomaeleosaurus (CollectA - dinosaur)
* 88485: Octopus (CollectA - kraken / giant octopus)
* 88489: Attenborosaurus (CollectA - dinosaur)
* 88520: Dolichorhynchops (CollectA - dinosaur)

Tentacle-Faced Humanoids (or 50-Fathoms "Kraken"):
* 02568: D'khul, Bathalian (same sculpt as 20021: Bathalian)
* 02843: Undead Bathalian
* 03135: B'thuhl, Bathalian Pirate
* 03438: Darkspawn Cultist and Minion (2)
* 14511: D'Khul, Bathalian
* 20021: Bathalian (same sculpt as 02568, but pre-painted)
* 50288: Bathalian Mastermind

Misc. Supernatural Sea Creatures:
* 02741: Fairies & Nymph (3) (warning: partial nudity; the "sea nymph" is the more relevant figure in this set)
* 03592: Evil Sea Priest of Maersuluth
* 03595: Mini Monsters (3)
* 03608: Aquatic Familiars 2
* 03612: Aquatic Familiars 3
* 03614: Eregris Darkfathom, Evil Sea Priest (might be a fish-man with slight conversion of the face).
* 14106: Dark Maiden, Razig Solo (animated shipwreck figurehead)
* 14563: Scurvy Dog, Undead Werewolf
* 14566: Salty Saber (mutant pirate)
* 30016: The Dark Maiden (animated shipwreck figurehead - resculpt)
* 89305: Poseidon (CollectA model)

Mundane Sea Creatures:
* 02948: Familiar Pack VII (7) (small octopus, manta, shark, misc. fish)
* 03605: Devil Ray
* 03622: Sharks (2)
* 88041: Great White Shark (CollectA)
* 88043: Orca (CollectA)
* 88045: Scalloped Hammerhead Shark (CollectA)
* 88453: Whale Shark (CollectA)

Misc. Items & Scenery:
* P02696C: Boneyard - Lantern Sprue (2 lanterns + lantern on pole from 02696 Charon)
* 02313: Treasure Hoard I (3)
* 02320: Treasure Hoard II (3)
* 03334: Creature Components (includes claws, tentacles, for sea monster and cursed pirate conversions)
* 03518: Dead Man's Chest (chest & skeletons)
* 14472: Razig Weapons (chains, hats, swords, flintlocks, spears, anchor)
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#2 Postby Jordan Peacock » Thu May 31, 2012 11:15 pm

I thought I'd try taking a few snapshots of some of the miniatures I've been using in my Pirates RPG campaign (which I've been running at my "friendly local game store," the Armadillo Game Shoppe in Oviedo, Florida, including a few of the PCs:

Captain Barnacle Ben, Ex-Whaler, and Hunter of Sea Monsters:

Reaper Miniatures #3252, Anatole, Human Harpooner -- used to represent one of the heroes, Barnacle Ben (now known primarily as "Captain Barnacle").  For the campaign, I've been offering that if someone buys a miniature through the store to represent his PC, I'll paint it up if desired (as time permits).  His player was the only one who took me up on that one.  The miniature isn't converted, save for a bit of wire to make a coil of rope attached to the harpoon, and some building up of the base.

Clarissa, Banshee:

Reaper Miniatures #14274 - Clarissa, Banshee (Warlord - Razig Faction) -- used to represent the banshee on the "Banshee's Wail," the ghost ship that was defeated by the heroes, and which is now captained by shipwright Keelhaul Henry (a former PC, critically wounded in the battle -- and it seemed a good place for him to "retire" to be replaced by a new PC, though he's made a "guest appearance" since then).

Habib, Swashbuckling Barbary-Coast Swordsman:

Reaper Miniatures #2439 - Urji, Arab Pirate -- used to represent Habib, a replacement character (after the "retirement" of Keelhaul Henry), a daring swordsman and swashbuckler who has the ability to swing on rigging, slide down sails, and generally bounce about in gravity-defying ways in a ship-bound swordfight.  Officially, he's the lookout of La Armadilla Amorosa in my in-store Pirates RPG campaign

Pearl, Mermaid:

Reaper Miniatures #3078 - Pearl the Mermaid -- slightly modified for propriety, and to decorate the base.  Actually, the heroes haven't run into a "proper" mermaid yet, so this character hasn't yet come into play. It was still fun to paint up.

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#3 Postby Jordan Peacock » Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:13 pm

I now have my own tripod!  So, any flaws in the pictures are entirely my fault and I can't just blame it on an unstable camera.

Dark Maiden (Reaper #14106)

The Dark Maiden, figurehead for a doomed vessel, painted here in a scheme meant to evoke an underwater scene. (I used it to represent a special treasure for when the heroes in my Pirates RPG campaign went down in a diving bell into the Great Blue Hole near the island of Andros.)

Fairy Pirate (Reaper #02741)

Okay, so there's nothing distinctly pirate-like about this figure, but I got it as part of a "grab bag" miniatures deal, minus the wings and the rest of the "fairies" set it would have originally come from.  I used some putty to mend the wing-holes in the back, and painted her up, with the thought that, should this actually come in handy to represent a character, I might modify it with a dress to go with that corset, or perhaps paint some leggings -- and maybe even add a hat.

Hyrekia (Reaper #2810)

This figure - minus the spellcaster's staff - makes for a decent-enough figure of indeterminate era.  I used her to represent the principal NPC from "The Lady's Favor," the introductory adventure for the Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG.

Kaena the Banshee (Reaper #14053)

A shrieking ghost haunting the broken hulls of shipwrecks on a coral reef. The wreckage pieces are from some Chap Mei pirate action-figure sets. (There's very little concern for scale in those toys, so the pieces work passably for tabletop scenery.)

The Armadillo!  (Reaper #02848)

The lucky mascot of La Armadilla Amorosa, the primary ship in my Pirates RPG campaign.

Lurien the Ghost (Reaper #03170)

Another doomed ship-haunting spirit.

Midori (Reaper #02511)

If the heroes in my campaign ever head out to the South China Seas, they might possibly run into this character.  (I suppose it would have made more sense if I'd posed her on a Chinese junk, but I'd have to dig that out of the garage first.)

Razig and Crew (assorted Reaper Warlord miniatures)

Arrrr!  Here's my collection of Reaper "Razig"-faction undead skeleton pirates, posed on a Mega Bloks "Dread-Eye's Phantom" ship (slightly modified to file down all the deck "pegs," and to fill in that "sacrificial pit" lest any figures fall into it).

Sela Windsprite (Reaper #03128)

I also have a monkey miniature (from another Reaper "familiars" set) that I painted up to represent her pet when it's not riding her shoulder. I used this for a pre-generated character, but had to come up with stats for a "volley pistol" -- patterned after the volley gun, but dropping the damage die type and reducing the weight.

Sister Catherine, Battle Nun (Reaper #02611)

I had to modify this one slightly to give her a little more modesty.  A nun (battling or not) shouldn't be running around armored on the front side but just wearing a thong on the back.  That's a severe defensive weakness! I didn't list this one as a recommend miniature for Pirates RPG games, since the thong is a bit much (and a "battle nun" is still pushing it considerably), but I might work this character in anyway.

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#4 Postby VonDan » Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:26 pm

The Battle Nuns are for the Weird War four sheet The Nuns of Navarone


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#5 Postby Crumbs » Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:05 pm

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#6 Postby Jordan Peacock » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:42 pm

Thanks! I've added that to the list.

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#7 Postby doctorduckbutter » Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:19 am

I know this is a Reaper Thread, but....

Have you seen the pirate line for Black Scorpion Miniatures? They do fantasy pirates and they look amazing.


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#8 Postby Jordan Peacock » Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:19 am

Reaper Chronoscope 50177: Sandwoman

This was originally meant to be a superheroine/supervillainess in the Chronoscope line, but I painted this up as a sort of "sand spirit" encounter, as my Pirates RPG campaign has hit the Barbary Coast. With a little bit of creative painting, the figure could be given some Egyptian-ish jewelry and pass for some poor soul who was abandoned to die in the desert, and who has returned to vent her rage upon the still-living ... or perhaps some sort of djinn, etc.

The background terrain piece is made from Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings (the "pyramid" set). And it might not look like it from this angle (as so much is obscured), but that's supposed to be an ankh painted on the base.

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#9 Postby Jordan Peacock » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:51 am

Reaper Chronoscope #50193 "Thugee Cultist" as Barbary Coast corsair:

I found this figure to be useful to add to my collection of "Barbary Coast corsairs," particularly since my present Pirates RPG campaign has made its way back to the Barbary Coast. This figure comes with two optional left hands to be glued on, one holding a scimitar (as pictured), and the other holding a crude-looking wooden club.

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#10 Postby SavageGamerGirl » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:45 pm

They aren't Reaper minis, but the entire line of 50 Fathoms minis are still available from Old Glory Miniatures.

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#11 Postby warrenss2 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:23 pm

WOW!!! Thanks, SavageGamerGirl!!

I came in here again because I'm going to be starting up a 50F campaign and wanted to check out the pirate minis. That's a welcome find.

I also wanted to share some other miniatures that could possibly be used for 50F.

Giant Crab
Tidal Snake?
Giant Octopus
Better yet, go ahead and take a look HERE for yourself.
More Crabs
Use search engine and look up "Schleich". you will find a lot.

I've always peppered my games with toys instead of the more expensive metal miniatures. My players still have a grand time.

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#12 Postby VonDan » Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:52 pm

Oh never mind I thought you said Pirate Approved Miniatures

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#13 Postby Jordan Peacock » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:12 pm

For my Pirates of the Spanish Main campaign, my heroes ventured into the "Frozen North (name borrowed from one of the PotSM expansion sets) and did battle against Vikings. I figure these will also come in handy when I ever get around to running a Hellfrost (Triple Ace Games) campaign.

Right, Vikings shouldn't exist circa the 17th century, or any part of the "golden age" of piracy. My excuse was that these were quasi-ghostly warriors who'd wandered off from Valhalla. I mean, hey, that sort of thing just HAPPENS sometimes in "Pirates of the Spanish Main." ;)

Alas, I applied clear coat to these figures before taking pictures. Even though I use Krylon matte acrylic, it's not "matte" enough to avoid getting a terrible shine when I take pictures. Therefore, for this attempt at photography, I tried draping a bit of facial tissue over the top of a "scenic box" formed from some Mage Knight "3D Dungeons" walls and doors.

Reaper #02333 - Orlath Hoarbeard
Leader of my Viking forces, by virtue of having the most ridiculous helmet. He's not tagged as a "Viking" on the Reaper site, but I figure he works just fine as one. (And, yes, I know that historically Vikings didn't run around with fancy-schmancy wings or horns on their helmets, but this is FANTASY -- and, for that matter, it's the afterlife for this guy, so I guess he can have whatever sort of crazy headgear he wants.)

Reaper #02556 - Erik Redbeard, Viking
This Viking looks a little bit on the plain side, coming right after Orlath, but I LOVE the sculpted detail on that shield.

Reaper #02623 - Sheya, Shield Maiden
All right -- the free-hand knotwork doesn't look all that great up close, but I still had fun toying around with decorating the shield.

Reaper #02640 - Tharn Helmsunder
Possible contender for a "Viking Santa" conversion. Maybe some other time.

Reaper #02699 - Wiglaf, Viking
I originally got this guy because of that crazy "dragon head" standard. I figured, hey, I can replace that standard with a sword or axe, and then take the stylized "dragon head" and use it as a figurehead for a scratch-built Viking ship.

One problem: It's only one-sided! D'oh!

Reaper #02939 - Viking Girl
Dressed in AUTHENTIC Viking-girl attire, I'm sure. I modified the shield (which was originally just a plain flat design) with a spare Skaven shield "bit," after trimming off the horns and some of the pointy bits, in the hopes it would pass for a wolf-head design rather than a great horned rat.

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#14 Postby ValhallaGH » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:21 pm

Jordan Peacock wrote:I modified the shield (which was originally just a plain flat design) with a spare Skaven shield "bit," after trimming off the horns and some of the pointy bits, in the hopes it would pass for a wolf-head design rather than a great horned rat.

With great success. Nice stuff. I nearly lost it at "Viking Santa". :cool:

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#15 Postby Jordan Peacock » Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:47 pm

Reaper Bones #77132 - Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain

I actually painted this guy up as a Khadoran noble for an Iron Kingdoms campaign, but the figure (sans funny hat -- I added that part on) of course also works rather well for a pirate with sword and flintlock.

The figure doesn't come on a 30mm base; rather, the plastic built-in base just happens to fit rather neatly into the recessed area of a standard 30mm slotted round-lip base. It stands nicely on its own, even without the 30mm plastic base.

(Note: The PEWTER version of Barnabus Frost varies slightly, in that he has a tricorn hat and is carrying a map in his left hand, thus branding him more clearly as a pirate-type.)

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(left to right)
Reaper Bones 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate
Reaper Bones 77134: Hajad, Pirate
Reaper Bones 77135: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate

These figures come with incorporated bases that fit within the gap areas of 30mm round lipped bases (such as those used by Chronoscope or Warmachine/IKRPG miniatures), though I used some putty to fill out to the edges, and added assorted "bitz" for base decoration.

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Here's the figures we've been using for some of our crew for the first 50 Fathoms game I'm in.

First up is Captain Anne Noire. A French ex-pirate. Other wise known as "Black Anne".


Kraken Jack, Elemental Mage.


Constantijn Van Gelder, Dutch Musketeer.


In my other 50 Fathoms game I play a half Ugak named Mok.


Also, here are some figures I've painted that could also be used for pirates.




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