Some New Witch Spells (Classic HOE)

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Some New Witch Spells (Classic HOE)

#1 Postby HoraceBlack » Mon May 28, 2012 9:04 am

Here are some new witch spells, I haven't play tested them yet, but plan too in the next adventure.

Back to the Earth
TN: 5
Components: A piece of a recycled product (be it paper, glass, etc.)
Scroungin’: 5
With this spell the witch touches an item and reduces its Reliability by 1 for every success and raise. This spell effect last until the next sunrise and further castings of Back to Earth have no effect on the item until that time passes.

TN: Opponent’s Shootin’ or Throwin” Aptitude +2
Components: Grease
Scroungin’: 5
Not the candybar! The witch causes the victim to have problems using items that need to be shot or thrown as the item keeps slipping from their grasp or they actually become momentarily gunked up with grease. For every success and raise the witch gets then the opponent’s Shootin’ or Throwin’ Aptitude (chosen by the witch on casting) is reduced by 1, if this reduces their Aptitude to zero then they must default the Aptitude. This effect last for 1 round per Witchcraft level.

TN: Opposed (Spirit)
Components: A music CD, cassette or record
Scroungin’: 7
The witch releases a blood curling laugh that causes those around him to be drained of energy, some even faint from the intensity of the cackle. All those within a 10 foot diameter of the witch must make an opposes Spirit roll vs. the witch’s Witchcraft roll or lose 1d6 Wind for every success and raise the witch has made.

TN: Opponent’s Fightin’+2
Components: Some bad medicine
Scroungin’: 5
The witch’s victim suffers severe muscle cramps causing them to have problems focusing on their ability to fight. For every success and raise the target’s Fightin’ is reduced by 1, this last for 1 round per Witchcraft level. This spell doesn’t work on non-living creatures.

Rust Ball
TN: AV +2
Components: Rusted pieces of metal
Scroungin’: 3
The witch fires off a ball of rust that reduces the AV of the creature hit by 1 for every success and raise gained. This will even affect force fields as the armor doesn’t need to contain any metal in order to work. The witch must hit with a Throwin’: Unbalanced check with a range of 10. Her Target Number to cast the spell is based upon the Armor Value of the creature +2, this spell last for 1 round for every level of Witchcraft the witch has. Note: This spell is not cumulative and if cast again the better of the two will be in effect.

Sirens Call
TN: 5
Components: A dog whistle.
Scroungin’: 7
With this spell the witch sings out a song of enchantment that draws members of the opposite sex to her or him (whichever the case may be).
The victim is under no compulsion to obey the witch but will not attack unless provoked first, they will regard the witch as friendly at treat her as such.
Sirens’ Call affects 1 victim for every raise and success the witch gets and each victim must make an opposed Spirit roll vs. the witch’s Spirit in order for this spell to work. The range is 50 yards for each level of Witchcraft and the spell last until the victim arrives or 30 minutes have passed. The song can only be heard by the opposite sex and those who make the opposed roll will know that something is very wrong and can act accordingly. The witch may ignore the effects of raises for more victims if she so chooses.
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