Rumble in the Jungle Gameplay Review with Pictures!

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Rumble in the Jungle Gameplay Review with Pictures!

#1 Postby Thunderforge » Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:55 pm

I just finished a blog entry about a session where we played Rumble in the Jungle, one of Pinnacle's free Savage Worlds Showdown scenarios. We had a good time, but had a few issues:
  • The poachers as written have twice as many total points (we used Clint's fix to provide more balanced sides)
  • Donga's Gargantuan ability gives him Heavy Armor, but neither side has a unit with a Heavy Weapon
  • Size is not described in the Showdown rules, so it's not clear how Donga's massive size is supposed to affect his attacks

Aside from these problems, we all had a great time. You can read the full gameplay review at, which includes pictures.
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