"Clockwork" Bases for Deadlands & Wonderland

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"Clockwork" Bases for Deadlands & Wonderland

#1 Postby Jordan Peacock » Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:35 pm

I've been working on some customized bases, 30mm (for Reaper "Savage Worlds" Deadlands minis) and 25mm (for kitbashed minis from various sources intended for use with Wonderland No More) with a "clockworkpunk" theme as an alternative to using plain ol' plastic generic "slotta-base" style bases, thanks to a bit of Magic Sculpt and "Instant Mold." Here are some photos for show 'n' tell so far.

Custom Homemade "Clockworkpunk" Bases - Work in Progress:
Here are examples of some of my work on custom "clockworkpunk" bases, starting with War Cast Studios "blank" 30mm resin bases (AKA "deep dish" bases), Magic Sculpt two-part resin epoxy putty, and pieces of scrap plastic.  The green plastic is from a grocery-store strawberry container that a friend gave me.

In the picture above are the 5 30mm bases I have mostly done so far, though I'm still trying to touch up gaps and figure out the best way to handle rivets.  I've used Instant Mold to make temporary press-molds (and copies with Magic Sculpt), so that I can get a better idea of what final casts would look like.  It allowed me to see what I couldn't quite make out on the originals: "super glue" has THICKNESS when it dries, and my problem with some of my rivets was that it was creating a raised area around where I'd glued the rivets down, or even that runoff was filling in some gaps such as between finely-spaced gear teeth.  

I'm still working a few things out here.  The two leftmost bases in the front row are examples of where I've tried a different route to making "rivets."  Instead of taking crumbs of putty and gluing them on, letting it cure and then filing the tops down flat, I've tried applying a "strip" of putty for a frame piece, then smaller "crumbs" of putty as rivets -- then using a flat tool to mash the edges of the "rivet" down into the strip area around it, trying for a small, round rivet, and avoiding the necessity for super glue to hold it in place.  (Also, I think the smaller rivets look and paint up better.)

25mm and 40mm Clockworkpunk Base Work-in-Progress:
I've also been working on a 40mm base (using another War Cast Studios "blank" base as a starting point), and a 25mm "cogwheel" base (using pieces of plastic sprue to make the "teeth").   The cogwheel is still a long way off, since I have to Dremel the whole thing flat on top, and figure out how to do the interior -- but it's 25mm across, and I figure that it could act as a round 25mm base on its own. I intend to use this with several of my Wonderland No More kitbash minis ... though I also plan to do some other themes such as a broken pocketwatch face for a base, a checkerboard base with mushrooms, etc. -- though some of those options veer out of the "clockworkpunk" theme (gears!) I've been mostly focusing on for the time being.

Painted Prototype Castings:
I went ahead and painted some of my "prototype casts" made with temporary Instant Molds and Magic Sculpt press-casting.  Here's a picture of some initial painting (much more washing and drybrushing and touch-up has been applied since then) of some of the casts.  The top/rear base is meant to be an "Egyptian ruins" themed base that I started working on for a Soda Pop Miniatures "Egyptian Cat Girl" mini that my friend has.  Plus, I've got plenty of Egyptian-themed minis that could use some fancier bases for the next time I run another pulp adventure vs. traps, Nazis and mummies.

Reaper "#59009 Mad Scientist (Female)" miniature (Savage Worlds / Deadlands) with Clockworkpunk Prototype Base:
(link to pictures of unpainted original mini)

Here's an application of one of the "clockworkpunk" bases, with a Deadlands miniature I painted up to put on it. Although I haven't the fine hand, eyesight or patience to do the level of painting detail this figure deserves, I am still rather happy with how nicely the miniature paints up with a modest amount of effort. :)

I'll have to get some more of the newer Deadlands and Chronoscope minis to paint up. (While I still enjoy the old Deadlands minis, the newer ones have a better sense of consistent scale and proportion.)

I've also been using some of the War Cast Studio city (brick) street bases and wooden plank bases for Victorian-ish characters in urban settings.

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That is very cool.

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#5 Postby Boldfist » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:19 am

Great bases!
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