[50 Fathoms] Showdown-style ship battles?

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[50 Fathoms] Showdown-style ship battles?

#1 Postby TheLoremaster » Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:55 pm

Has anyone put together points lists for 50 Fathoms? My next main encounter involves 3 party ships vs. 3 pirate ships, and I'm thinking I want to run it like a miniatures game using Pirates of the Spanish Main CSG ships. Any advice on point costs?

What about movement scale? I'm looking at a 4'x4' play area, so 12" of scale movement seems like a lot for the faster ships, so I'm thinking halving that scale: 6" for Slow ships, 3" for Very Slow. Any advice from someone who's tried something similar?

Thanks in advance!
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