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Terrain building guides

#1 Postby Wiggy » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:46 am

TAG has several terrain building guides available for free download.

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#2 Postby Tavis » Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:44 pm

They're good'uns too!
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#3 Postby Wiggy » Fri Oct 07, 2011 7:20 pm

Written up by one of my gaming group. We have a lot of terrain at our disposal. :)

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#4 Postby cheezit257 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:30 am

you guys may like this:
http://www.youtube.com/user/terrainahol ... ustangbase

this guy's pretty darn good at making terrain with little more than foam, and he's got a lot of different projects that are relatively simple and provide amazing results, i certainly recommend watching at least a few of his videos

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#5 Postby robert4818 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:41 am


Don't forget the model train community. Alot of their work over-laps with work done by mini and RPG players.

Look for S or O (more common) gauge stuff for 25-28 mm (SW).
HO or maybe N would be good for those running 15mm models.

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#6 Postby Rophan » Sun Dec 25, 2011 3:30 am


In one of your terrain building guides, you mentioned using grout. When I looked for some at my local hardware store, it was covered with warnings about being carcinogenic. How do you use this stuff safely?



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#7 Postby Nevereverend » Sun Dec 25, 2011 3:52 pm

I use grout and (a lot of) joint compound in my scratch built terrain. The few things I've learned are:

- Stay away from cheaper Chinese made products. They have much poorer quality control and are more likely to have toxins. Often you can even smell the difference.

- When sanding after everything is dry, make sure you wear a particle mask and do your work either outside or in a very well ventilated area. Many of the issues associated with these products are due to the inhalation of particulate matter.

For safer alternatives you can use plaster of paris or a mixture of wood-glue and sawdust.

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