[TAG] Festival of Madness released today!

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[TAG] Festival of Madness released today!

#1 Postby Dave Blewer » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:12 am


Festival of Madness, the final part of the Songs of Regret Trilogy has been released:

Sundered Skies: Festival of Madness

An Unearthed Prophecy, Corruption In The Trade Council, and The Return of an Old Foe… Welcome to Festival of Madness!

The heroes become aware of an age old prophecy which seems to be describing them. Not everyone wishes this prophecy to be fulfilled however, and soon they are dodging attempts upon their lives as they race to discover what it all means. Divine Visitations, religious politics, cultist lairs, betrayal and worse await the heroes as they pursue their destiny until the bitter end.

Festival of Madness is a scenario for heroic rank characters and is the third and final installment of the Songs of Regret Plot Point Campaign.

This Could Change Everything In The Sundered Skies.

Available in the Triple Ace Games store now!

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