Assembling the Black Coach

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Jordan Peacock
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Assembling the Black Coach

#1 Postby Jordan Peacock » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:11 am


Here's a photo of my assembly of the black coach paper model available as a free download, for use with the Devil's Night adventure.

This is a fairly fiddly model, at standard 1:72 or 25mm Savage Worlds scale. If you're using heavy cardstock, there are various parts of the model where it looks like you're supposed to fold over the pieces (such as on the wheels, the driver, the hand brake lever, and a few points on the central body strip) but it actually works better to just CUT the piece in half along the "fold" and then glue the two halves together. Otherwise, it's hard to get a good folding point without the toner getting "worried" off of the cardstock considerably.

For the slots indicated on the bottom of the side pieces, where you are to insert the "axles," I found that it's best to make two cuts and make a slight "wedge" shape for the slot cut, to account for the thickness of the cardstock of the axles (especially when the two sides are glued together). This may mean that the axle fits in loosely, but you can always glue it in place.

The driver is meant to be glued onto the seat, as there is a tab at the base of each side that has the same texture as the seat; the tabs are meant to be folded out and glued down. However, I used a hobby knife to cut a slot into the wagon's seat, and then trimmed down the two tabs so that I'd have a smaller tab that I could insert into place, thus making the driver removable.

I also trimmed roughly along the outlines of the horses, rather than just leaving them against "white space" as with a typical 2-sider figure flat. In that case, however, you'll need to glue some scrap cardstock (there should be plenty after cutting out these pieces) to the base of the horse flats, to hold the two halves of the base together.

I regret that I could only fit two horses onto the page, so if you want a full set of 4 horses, you'll have to print the page a second time.

The following is a diagram I put together to try to explain how the "central strip" piece should be cut into sections, folded, and glued to the interior of the carriage sides.


In the example photo, I trimmed out some of the grey space underneath the foot rest, after gluing the two sides together, hence why there's a bit of difference between the assembled model and the depicted carriage side pieces.

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#2 Postby Sean-Khan » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:35 am

Excellent, I've been looking for something like this :D Thanks!

One note, a few different color variations might make it more useful for different games (I guess they would be easy to do?)

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Lord Inar
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#3 Postby Lord Inar » Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:23 pm

Yes, thank you!

I was just going come here and ask for a picture, but you obviously already thought of it!

- Marc

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#4 Postby kronovan » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:03 pm

Dang, I need to get that. I could sub in my cows or donkeys from my 1:72 Italeri farm animal fig's for the horses. Ok...maybe not. :razz:

On a more serious note, that assembly doesn't look much worse than the wagon I got in a cheapy cardstock village set I bought from a LGS.

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