List of Deadlands-like minis with website links - 28mm scale

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List of Deadlands-like minis with website links - 28mm scale

#1 Postby iamfanboy » Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:29 am

So I've been spending the last few days looking for minis compatible with the Deadlands stuff, and here's what I've found thus far.

Everyone knows about Reaper minis and their Deadlands line, as well as their Chronoscope Wild West minis, but there ARE other mini companies out there that produce great minis that line up well with the Weird West.

Note that I link directly to the websites of the companies in question, but you can probably find them from websites like ebay and the Warstore for cheaper.

Of course, the list has to start with Reaper Miniatures, one of my favorite companies. Not only do they have most of the famous folks of the Weird West, but they have a nice selection of Classic Old West minis. The best part of buying direct from Reaper is that they give free shipping for orders of only $25 - a real bargain!

Perry Miniatures produces two plastic boxed sets of particular interest: one with 36 American Civil War Infantry, and the other with 12 American Civil War cavalry. Both for about 35 bucks direct from the website (and from online retailers for under $30 easily). Because of how the sprues work out (12 on a sprue, with identical options for each) it's easy to divide them up into Confederate, Union, and veteran walkin' dead.

Black Scorpion has a LOT of minis in their Tombstone line, and the best part is that they come in packs of 4-5 for pretty cheap when it comes to metal minis! Not only do they have famous folks like the Earps (in a decent likeness, too!), but lots of generic models perfect for posse members or civvies.

Some more generic figs, as well as other famous folks like Santa Anna (complete with a 'new' artificial leg!), can be found at Artizan Designs. Personally, I don't like some of them as much as the Black Scorpion or Reaper Minis, but they do have stuff that the others don't - and I actually really like their Pinkerton detectives.

Decent, low-price plastic zombies are easily obtained from Wargames Factory - their Zombie Horde boxed set has some nice looking zombies in more modern clothes; my only quibble is that they don't come with the extra bits selection of the website below. Still, 24 zombies for $20 is nothing to sneer at, and the labcoat zombie is still one of my faves! ... mbie-horde

For some other good, but more fantasy-themed Zombies and Ghouls, look no further than Mantic Games - their plastic sets start cheap for a few, but look great! Not only that, but you can combine them with bits from, say, the Perry Miniatures to get more interesting Zombies. ... ments.html

What's that? Monsters? Just hit up reaper minis. Your players WILL crap themselves if you start a session playing "Ghost Riders in the Sky," then end it by saying, "A bull covered in steely plates, snorting smoke from its nostrils, bashes through the wall you were cowering behind. Its hooves set fire to the ground underneath them, and its maddened, red eyes widen as they fix on YOU..." and plopping THIS down on the table: ... down/03208

As far as paints go, Vallejo or Reaper (again!) give good value for money.

One thing I've been looking for is a site that sells just a sprue of Old West guns in 28mm scale, but haven't been able to find any. If anyone else has any websites to recommend, I'll gladly edit this post to put 'em in here!

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#2 Postby Sean-Khan » Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:34 am

This article just hit my eyes and thought of sharing it:

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