Junker errata?

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Junker errata?

#1 Postby SilasWrathStrike » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:00 pm

I know that there is some, where is it located?

Most importantly, our party found a Junker to make us a Hover Ambulance recently, and there was much debate about it. So far here's what we have: (and NO this Junker does NOT have miniaturization).

Room for 4 people and a dog
AI with a smarts of 4d6
Engine with Acceleration rating of 5MPH
Enhanced senses 3d6
Armor 1
Gas tank: 14 gallons
Minor Side Effect: lights have a tendency to flick on and off randomly.

Total slots used: 835.4 out of 844

This is what my Marshal has calculated out. Anyone know if any of these specific powers have been errata'd or anything that has changed with them? I believe the Frame size is 13 (we added a little extra metal on top to do this I think).

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#2 Postby ScooterinAB » Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:12 am

There is a specific errata on Locomotion. All of the acceleration numbers were reduced by something like 10%.

Iron Oasis, Cyborgs, and Waste Warriors all have some errata. There was also some important errata in the Accumulated Rulings (pm me and I can send you a copy), such as reduced size of reactors and familiars.

Not errata, but I (and a few others) have tried to redesign the prebuilt devices from JMC. Someone pointed out to me that the math didn't add up due to them being a conversion from an older set of rules. Because of errata and general rule changes, I have found them to be out.

Junkers are awesome, but they are a bit of a mess. Hope that helps.
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