[Classic] What does your group consist of?

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[Classic] What does your group consist of?

#1 Postby Jack_Spade » Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:21 pm

I'm wondering what your current group consists of, archetype-wise, and what any of your past groups have consisted of?

Currently my party consists of a Renegade Black Hat (who unfortunately drew the Black Joker and is going to die as soon as we wrap up his death mini-campaign), A Templar, a Scavenger, a Tale-Teller, and a Junker (me).

In the past campaign I played in we had a Vengeant (me) who died :cry: , a Harrowed (same guy; still me) who was put down permanently :cry: , two Anti-Templars, a Junker (who died), an Earth Syker, a Witch, another Vengeant (who died) an Insect Shaman (same guy playing the other Vengeant who died), a Greenie (who I should've killed), and a Waster (me after my Vengeant Harrowed died).

That Waster of mine btw was my longest-run, and longest-lived character. I still have him infact, and my Marshal still won't let me play him anymore :wink:

So, what about you?

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#2 Postby Templar » Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:52 pm

First wasted west game was with my old group quite a few years ago (they also introduced me to Palladium games and many others, all I knew before that was D&D)

We had two Law Dogs (one of them being me), a Doomsayer who had received a vision from the great 'Nucleonikus' and was to go forth and construct for him a proper body, along with, I believe, an Ex soldier.

My current group just started last saturday and we have, a Psyker from the BAnshee wars (complete with the soldier edge and the 'special' banshee stone from Veteran of the Faraway War), A former US colonel in the US armored infantry as a member of the Knights of Steel, A Hekant Lector who seems to be simply made of raw magic, a pair of templars one of whom between mutations and skills seems to be an amalgamation of the Most Interesting Man in the World and the Old Spice guy, at least memeticcaly. The other Templar is a Hekant who looks a lot like a jet black version of the Predator along with two layers of armor and crazy strength, the latter templar is also a former soldier and a Jinx. A Junker who is a master with vehicles and weapons and also has an enemy that she is unaware of.

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#3 Postby VonDan » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:20 pm

My only HOE or any deadlands game I played a Psyker Biker Mountain Man

We bent the rules and let me have a full power Greenie as I wrote a great 5 page back story that gave a plausable reason he had full training. His father was a Pyro Psyker named Lee for the Texas Rangers BPRD and his mother was a red chinese spy Pskyer named Lee with the white swans on that planet. So he was raised by two x military psykers in the mountains east of junktown. He started with a winchester rifle and a bowie knife made from a turbine blade from a black hat hover APC and the femer bone of a black hat for the handle. All his powers were only to be from fire or stealth

Starting off he had a psy powered hover bike and once a year he drove into town to trade in furs

he rolled week vigor and a hidden mutation I did not learn about so he was skinny and balld

the other players were a Templer and a shaman played by a 10 year old

I got dark force point for putting a dead psyker's skull on my handle bars after i blew him up with a 4x ace

Later I had a 4x ace and killed all of a demons henchmen so he ran off and I took his Barret sniping rifle

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#4 Postby Zombi Bobb » Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:00 pm

My latest group was a Pyro Psyker, a Taleteller, a Mechanic, a Junker, and an Old Hermit/Hunter.

Before that: a junker, a psyker, and a doctor.
Before that: a psyker, an Anti-Templar, a pit fighter, and a tale teller.
Before that: a tale teller, a junker, a Hekant, and a survivalist.
I can't remember the groups prior.:)

I think I have a larger number of non-AB PCs because I try to highly encourage it.

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#5 Postby WilyQuixote » Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:48 pm

My group had its first session on Wednesday evening. I have three players at the moment and a possible fourth if his schedule ever works out. I don't know if they read these boards or not and there are some secrets about their characters they don't know yet. They all took Veteran o' the Wasted West and two of them got Mysterious Past on top of that. The third got a Mutation.

1)Player Charcter One is a Savage. Born before the bombs but survived as a sort of Quisling hiding in a library for much of his youth. As he got older he learned that the best way to survive was to hunt the monsters roaming through the ruins and kill them before they killed him. His last hunt didn't go so well and a building collapsed on him. He doesn't know it yet but he died in that building. The player drew the paranoia card for his Vet Edge and I drew Harrowed for his MP draw. I decided to combine the two and even though the manitou doesn't have dominion he can speak with the hero at all times. So the manitou plays mind games with the hero, getting him to question good decisions and encourages the bad choices among other things. On the plus side since the manitou has as much interest in surviving as the hero does the manitou actually helps the hero make wise decisions when it comes to surviving. The funny thing here is the player doesn't trust the voice in his head and so he disregards the truely beneficial advice. As I mentioned earlier the player doesn't know that he is harrowed yet and no one else around the table suspects either. I'm going to see how long I can drag this out and see how much fun I can wring out of it as well!

2)Player Character Two is a Junker who specializes in Big Rigs. His last Big Rig was destroyed by a Mohave Rattler somewhere in Northern Arizona. He has since then aquired a 4x4 truck (Belongins' edge) and hopes to once again some day own a Big Rig. His Vet Edge netted him a Mutation. This was in addition to the mutation he gained for drawing a Black Joker. The Mutations both dealt with eating ironically. He can eat any poisoned or irradiated food without fear of bad things happening. Any food he touches immediately putrifies and is only edible by him.

3)Player Character Three is a Templar. He got the red joker in his initial draw. He drew Night Terrors for his Vet Edge and I'm sorry but I don't remember what his RJ draw was right now. I think he is going to be a prime canidate for The Modeen Brotherhood; my name for the Anti-Templar group as I don't like the name Anti-Templar. I'm sorry but Anti-Templar is just a silly name. Alright staying on topic here, the hero does not do a very good job of conducting the Test of Worth and just saves everyone that needs saving. This will be causing him some grief with the Templars in the future once word has a chance to spread but that will be a headache for another day.

4)Player Character Four has settled on playing a Templar. He decided to specialize in being a duel weilding gunslinger and so took two fisted and then the two gun kid edges. He did not take the Veteran o the Wasted West edge though and so compared to the other PCs he looks a little anemic. Hes happy though and I guess thats all the matters.

5)Player Character Five is something of a GMPC right now. He was the hero I was going to be playing before I knew I would be the Marshal. The groups needs some extra muscle though until Player Four can get into the game so I decided to run my guy though since he is a fully fleshed out "NPC" now. My concept was a send up to one of my favorite comic book heroes, Captain America, and I also decided that he found god on Judgement Day and became a blessed though not in the traditional sense. He was born on Banshee and when The Faraway War started up he enlisted in the Army to help defend his loved ones from the Anouks. After the Red River campaign he was assigned to Earth for The last War. I got an extremely lucky series of card draws making him. I took Veteran of the Syker Wars initially and drew the red joker! I love it when the card draws help make the concept come to life! At any rate he now roams the wastes as one of the Lord's chosen. I chose only gifts for him starting out. He does have the miracle, protection, of course since its a freebie but thats the only one. I'll take him out of play once the last Player comes in; if he is still alive that is.
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#6 Postby Tavis » Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:21 pm

The only HOE game I played in, there was a Templar (Me), A Syker and a 'Survivor' - just some guy trying not to die.
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#7 Postby Mr. Wilson » Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:17 am

The last group I marshalled for TPK'd in the adventure, Urban Renewal.

They group was pretty stout and consisted of...

A Templar, kind of a meat head, definately holier than thou. Died when he had his chest cavity ripped from his body by the BBEG of UR. When he died (he was the main combatant), the group panicked.
An Omega Man Texas Ranger from the Weird West. Survived by jumping out of the top of the Apt. Building and spending many chips.
The Ranger's musician, a German Junker he found roaming the west. Died making a brave last stand with the next character...
The mutie savage/scavenger/teller. Not a combat character. Didn't stand a chance againt the BBEG.

Spoiler for UR:

Who knew a Psyker with near unlimited power could shred a party that preformed amazingly in the adventure until they met him in the school room vision? I certainly didn't until I accidently did them in.
Only now, at the end, do you truly understand the power of the Dark Side....

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#8 Postby Demon of Kyber » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:26 am

So far I've only played in 1 HoE game (ongoing), and this is the party:

A Syker/Huckster that fought on Banshee with some Martial Arts and Soldier

A Junker/Huckster Harrowed Cyborg (Infiltrator Model)--The Marshal's character

My Doomsayer that has some Syker Powers and he's a Darkness Magnet that can absorb Nutrients. Oh yea and a Cursed Relic I don't know about

My character that I'm going to play that I've been making for the last week is a Damocles Soldier that is a Knight of Steel with a Junker Reactor (for continuous power) with Red & Black Joker's that I do not yet know.

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#9 Postby rungok » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:04 am

My group consists of:
A Harrowed Templar.

A Soldier-Survivalist.

A Child Doomsayer.

An Apostate Syker.

A Gunslinger 'hanging judge' (the normal kind) who came from weird west.

And a British Junker (me). I make fun and useful items, and the group looks to me for leadership cause I'm the smartest one in the posse... And, I usually have a plan, no matter how hair-brained it may seem at the time.

They thought my idea for hover boots was madness, madness they said!

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#10 Postby maglaurus » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:55 pm

Technically mine isn't a "classic" game, but I thought I'd add my posse composition, as we've been at it for more than a dozen game sessions now and seen a few characters come and go:

Coyote Jack: Wastelander. Became Harrowed, and was recently "retired" by his companions after his demon went too far.
"Doc": Junker and Sawbones. He had a mutation that caused him to glow in the dark. Killed by faminites.
The Dirty Old B*stard: Lecherous Taleteller, killed by faminites.
Mac: Renegade Black Hat. Replaced The Dirty Old B*stard.
Master Li: Syker and blissfully ignorant Buddhist. Replaced "Doc".
Grimey: Librarian and Scavenger. He holds the record for the most failed fear checks and the most phobias and psychological trauma acquired during the series.
El Pistolero: Last War Vet and Gunslinger.
Grung: Axe-wielding Pit-Fighter. Retired, after the player couldn't commit to a weekly game.

Coyote Jack was replaced by a temporary ally half-way through the last session, but its likely that more permanent character will join the group soon. I'm told the player wants his next effort to be either a Templar or a Road Warrior.

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