(classic) Inspiration from the Outer Limits

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(classic) Inspiration from the Outer Limits

#1 Postby Templar » Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:22 am

I was watching a few of the newer Outer Limits episodes (the 1995 on ones and one of the episodes was called, The Gun. The episode interested me in part because in it a criminal gets a gun that with each shot bonds more tightly to him, also granting him armor and apparently the gun has nigh unlimited ammo. The gun fascinated me as a weapon built by a junker deeply into the taint (As in Level 4 or 5 of it). Looking at the stats here's what I would see the gun as, any ideas would be welcome.

The Gun itself looks normal enough, the bullets look a bit odd, sort of like blue crystals, pistol sized.

RI: 10, Damage:6d8 ROF:2 Clip:12
The Gun will not fire in the hands of a hero, pacifist.

The first time the gun is fired it bonds to the wielders hand, fusing it to their hand and forearm. Each time it is fired successively the persons power and bloodthirst grow, the gun is also able to make more bullets by tapping a bit of the wielders life force (2 wind per bullet after the bonding)

1) The Gun is bound, unable to be disarmed, 2 wind to produce a new bullet, +2 to hit with the pistol. The weilder gains ugly as sin -1 and gains Bloodthirsty.

2) Iron cables begin erupting from the gun, twisting through the forearm and into the body, the wielder gains armor 1 and ugly as sin increases, they also gain Mean as a Rattler. The wielder can now make the bullets of the gun frangible if they so desire.

3) The cables begin to bleed a liquid metal over the body, ugly as sin increases again, armor increases to 2. Wielder gains Vengeful, the wielder can also make the bullets of the gun armor piercing up to level 5. The Bonus to hit increases to +4.

4) The wielder is further twisted by the gun, their minds growing more deranged and violent. Armor is further augmented to 4 and the wielders eyes are sharper getting a total of +8 to hit. The Wielder gains Grim Servant O Death and any time they are angered or harassed they need to make a TN:9 Smarts roll to avoid trying to kill the source of their irritation. Weapon damage dice increases by one step, all raises are now considered +2 instead of +1 and the wielder can make the bullets function as gyrojet rounds in addition to the other bullet forms if they so desire (they can even have them be gyrojet frangible AP)

This would more or less be per kill in anger with the gun. The only way to remove oneself from the gun would be to willingly walk away from a target of vengeance, showing great mercy and renouncing the gun and the power of it.

I know this is pretty rough, but any ideas or other thoughts would be appreciated.

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#2 Postby SilasWrathStrike » Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:13 am

Just a thought, but you could include some kind of resistance role on the part of the person using it. Say, if they didn't want to get stepped up to the next level, they could make a Spirit roll, either opposed or with a set TN, to not get overwhelmed by it.

Un/Fortunately, this would mean the person using it could start feeling a little more comfortable using it, if they've done it a few times without further results, but sooner or later, they're bound to fail that roll...

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#3 Postby VonDan » Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:20 am

I was inspired by an outer limits weapon 20 years ago

T-1 steel, Actually files almost as well as a Wam-O boomerang with a flat arc that curves some what but does not return


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