Dream Shards: New Bennies Rule

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Dream Shards: New Bennies Rule

#1 Postby dentris » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:56 pm

I was thinking about Deadlands way of handling bennies (white, red and blue bennies all with different effects) and wondered how I could integrate this into my homebrew setting. I don't remember what they do exactly (I've played more Deadlands Classics than Reloaded), but I like the fact of special types of bennies.

As such, I tried to develop a similar rule for Dream Shards by creating thematic bennies. Like always, comments are welcome about style and game balance.

Before every game session, create a pool of bennies in which both the players and the GM will draw. For each players around the table, put 5 Plain bennies, 2 Toxic bennies, 1 Temptation benny and 1 Recurrent benny.

Each players draw their number of bennies from this pool at random, then the GM draws his. When used, the bennies are put back into the pool, and extra bennies awarded by the GM are taken from this pool as well.

Plain bennies are normal bennies and have no special rules. (White bennies)

Toxic bennies (green bennies): When using a toxic benny, in the following trait roll (either a reroll or a soak roll), add the value of the Wild Die to the result instead of taking the best result. For example, if rolling a d8 and a d6 and the results are a 7 and a 2, instead of using 7 as normal, add both value for a total of 9. If one or both roll ace, use the total values. If extras use a toxic benny, they are considered to have a wild die for this roll alone and add the result as normal for a toxic benny. When rerolling a damage roll wth the No Mercy edge, add a d6 to the damage roll instead. However, when a player use a toxic benny, the GM immediatly draws a benny from the pool (after the toxic benny was discarded and put back in the pool).

Temptation bennies (black bennies): When using a Temptation benny, the following roll is immediatly successful with a raise. If used to soak wounds, all the wounds are immediatly soaked. If used to reroll damage, it immediatly inflicts one unsoakable wound. However, when using a Temptation benny, your Nightmare Score permanently increases by one (for those not familiar with the Nightmare Score, it's a value that can be used by the GM against you and is added to the roll on the fear table. )

Recurrent bennies (blue bennies): like recurring dreams, these bennies can come back. Whenever you use a Recurrent benny and succeed on the reroll or completly soak all wounds, you get the Recurrent benny back. There is no drawback, but remember, the GM may draw it from the pool as well.

I hope its clear enough.
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#2 Postby pneumonica » Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:12 pm

This sounds interesting, although I would point out that I know nothing of the background to your game so some of this is me not knowing quite what you're going for.

The "Toxic" bennies work in a way that mirrors one of the varieties of Fate Chip bennies. The "Temptation" bennies are considerably powerful, and I would reconsider the mechanic behind them. However, again, I know nothing of your game - I'm merely making a suggestion.

I do also have some issues with the "Recurrent" bennies, as well. I think that mechanic really seriously needs some attention. It's really neat in concept, but I think that it should be represented elseways since that might really jack a game.

One possibility: Give it a really sweet advantage - like the Toxic benefit without the drawback. Now, at base none make it into the pot. However, for every PC in the group with a certain Edge, add one to the pot. Thus, they "carry it with them". NPCs might also add it - when an NPC is going to be involved in a scene, you might just add Recurrent bennies to the pot, heralding the arrival of something "big".

My ten cents. Overall, it's a neat perspective.
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