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#21 Postby Clint » Fri Mar 20, 2009 2:57 pm

Well, I appreciate that, but I actually meant to summarize what was desired that I clarify from the thread. ;)

Probably lots of ways to do this, but the NE rules seem possible. Just buy the effects with the trappings of the particular element, and limit the powers to those available in the setting.

Maybe combine Parry and Deflection into one power called Shielding which allows a defense against other powers (if it only works against the powers and not "normal" attacks; it might be worth less points).

Or maybe just allow such characters to use Spirit to Soak damage from elemental attacks with the effect being that they attempt to counter with their own powers.
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#22 Postby Sordorel » Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:10 pm

Hehe, went a bit overboard there, tough it will help anybody who is wondering what were going on about. The main point we had was that, in bending, just like in normal martial arts, the line between attack and defense is thin, with most actions being reposes. (that’s the word for turning a parry into a counter right?) Yet there are also times when a bender clearly takes defensive actions purely to block a opponents attacks. Thus a flat bonus would be appropriate to represent the normal defenses one would put up during a battle, but what about for instance the “wall of winds” a airbender sometimes makes, its not always on and clearly takes away from his other actions, would making it a action that gives protection for the rest of the turn be appropriate, since that would mean using it evokes a multiple action penalty on other actions? Would either or one be more appropriate? Or perhaps a wholly different option?

On a side note, we should probably look at as many as possible SW style martial arts sources, as they stand central to the show.

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#23 Postby Sordorel » Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:20 pm

Yup I’m making another post, as I have come to another conclusion. I’ve been trying to create some powers for the waterbender, using this wiki but I came to the conclusion that even at legendary rank we couldn’t build Katara with all her proven canon powers, let alone having appropriate stats nor edges. So this is probably not the way if we want to make a canon rule set. Now of course that could or could not be what were aiming for. But if your not aiming for near canon you could as well take the base rules and simply change the trappings of the normal powers right?

So, perhaps we should create something like the super sorcerer, without he spellcasting roll and the backlash, but also no overcastting. That way a waterbender could use more powers thus being able to do all they can in the series but still be limited. The biggest downside to this I suppose is that this is taking away the first F, since figuring out how you powers are configured takes time. Then again, its les complicated as normal sorcery and the list of possible powers is smaller, perhaps it isn’t so bad? I have no experience with the super sorcerer so I cant say.

This idea, Savage Avatar, has been in my head for quite some time, so now there is this tsunami of creatively coming in. Hopefully some of you guys will be surfing along for the ride.

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#24 Postby Sordorel » Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:04 am

So, assuming were using NE for a basis, we will need to allow the benders far more pp then is standard. However this doesn’t mean the benders should be able to do all of that at once. A earth bender who is creating a huge wall cant block an attack at the same time as he is fully focused upon the raising off the wall. Flooding forth from the idea of super sorcery I had this other idea.

We could perhaps create something like cards that summarize the powers and their strength when a specific amount of PP (chi?) is allocated. By creating space for placement of some sort of tokens or something you would easily by able to see what you can do.

Then a bender could shift a small number his PP as a free action or spend an action to change “form” and shift all of them to other powers.

This way we could allow a bender more powers and less pp to keep things balanced a bit (I hope) its also as much FFF as I can think of that allows benders to do everything they can do in the series.

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