Challengers of The Unknown For Savage Worlds

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Challengers of The Unknown For Savage Worlds

#1 Postby TCGames » Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:54 pm

I might be dating myself a bit but years ago I always enjoyed when our group played a "Challengers Of The Unknown" style game using whatever system or flavor of the month we were running..

A group of adventurers dedicated to righting wrongs and crushing evil doers....wait...that sounds a lot like Doc Savage. I just dated myself even more.

But we do enjoy Savage Worlds for games like that. Pulp seems to be a perefect fit for the system (I'm finding out that Savage Worlds seems to be a better fit for just about everything lately). I've been running a game similar to "Challengers' and Doc Savage and everyone has a great time.

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