Potential non-combat edges for consideration

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Potential non-combat edges for consideration

#1 Postby ProfMarks » Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:59 pm

Tried to come up with a few edges that non-combat centric characters might be interested in. I'd love to hear the communities thoughts or suggestions on how to better balance them.

Extensive Education
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d10+
Having a diverse and exhaustive education, the character has studied wide variety of topics. While their ability to recall all they have learned is not always dependable, it is rare to find a skill or topic that they have had no exposure to. Once per day, the player can make a d8 check in any specific knowledge roll or add 2 to any common knowledge check.

Fortune Hunter
Requirements: Novice, Notice d8+
At the cost of one round during combat or following combat if the GM determines time allows, you may make a notice roll which suffers from any modifications the GM sees fit. You must be adjacent to the body if in combat. When successful, you have discovered cash on the human corpse that you are happy to pocket. If successful, you loot 1d8 dollars. This roll can explode.

Most Fortunate Fortune Hunter
Requirements: Novice, Notice d8+, Fortune Hunter
Same as Fortune Hunter except if successful, you loot 1d12 dollars. This roll can explode.

Spurred On
Requirements: Seasoned, Command
A character who wields great influence over others will motivate them to fight harder. If this character suffers a wound, all allies and players within line of sight of the character gain +2 bonus to their next attack and damage rolls.

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