The Laguz

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The Laguz

#1 Postby Edgeworth » Mon Feb 02, 2009 3:30 pm

I'm working on a post-apocalyptic fantasy game and I'd like to include Laguz-like creatures familiar from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. For those who haven't played those fine games, the laguz are beast-humans who can transform from their weak human form into their own specific beast form for battle.

I've thinked of many ways to make them work but being pretty much a rookie with SW I'd like opinions from the wiser.

Character creation
    "The laguz" get only 3 points to spend to attributes and 10 for skills as with the Young hindrance.
    They have Power Points equal to their Spirit die type X2 regardless if they take any Arcane Background or not.
    Cats are agile -> Agility d6
    Tigers, Lions & such are Strong -> Strength d6
    Crows, Hawks & such can fly -> Details later.

Beast Form
    Activation costs 3 PP and maintaining 1/1 minute.
    Transforming takes one full action and the character cannot make multi-action.
    Agility, Strenght and Vigor are "doubled". *
    The character's "Beast Edges" are on for free. **
    Ground animals gain the Fleet-Footed edge and birdies' flying speed goes up to the 10' and they can double their speed by diving.
    Any armor gets nullified as it merges with the creature along with any accessories.

Human Form
    Toughness -1
    Parry -1
    At least some of the "Beast Edges" can be used while in human form by paying Power Points.

*This "doubling" stands for doubling the attributes steps. A d4 is step 1, a d6 is step 2 and so on all the way to d12+5 which is step 10. This means that if a character has d4 Vigor in human form, when he transforms his step is doubled (1x2=2) to d6. If he would have d8 of Vigor, it were to double to (3x2=6) d12+1.
This seems overpowered but I'm not sure since when transformed they lose the benefit of any weapon or armor. I like this for it has exactly the same principal as Radiant Dawn's laguz; when transformed, the stats are doubled. Still, this is a matter where I gladly hear your thoughs.

**Beast Edges are similar to Harrowed Edges in DL:R except if you wish to use them in human form, you must pay some PPs. I haven't had though of them much yet, but there will be some kind of basic animal abilities you can expect such as claws or good ears. I have also considered including some of the Powers as Beast Edges as Fear, Armor and Quickness.

So here's my plans so far. It's still in its early stages and needs much fine-tuning, like a name for these "laguz"(winkwink), I'd hate to steal the name from the same source I stole the concept. I also plan to make more variety to different animal types but these are roughly the basics.[/b]

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#2 Postby zeth » Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:23 pm

Drop the -1toughness and parry. The young hindrance is already a big enough handicap. I also suggest just giving them 15 pp flat instead of spirit die x2 pp.

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