Some of My Materia Obscurra

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Some of My Materia Obscurra

#1 Postby dumok » Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:26 pm

I decided to post some of My conversions to Savage Worlds Just for Giggles. This will include a reworking of the Fomorians, A Race of Giants found in Celtic Mythoi.

Savage Worlds Materia Obscurra
By Eric Flores
Savage Anthroverse:
These are my notes based upon converting species from Critter Commandos by Paul Lindberg.
In Critter Commandos, Humans are extremely powerful in terms of the Other Races, So I Decided to split them up Into the “normal” Humans and the “uber” Humans, who were designed to be SUPER SOLDIERS.
Human (Normal): One free Edge
Human (Uber-Mench):
Edges: +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Vigor
Hinderances: Arrogant, Overconfident, Code of Honor
Edges: +1 Intimidate, +1 tracking, Bite: +1d4
Hinderances: Loyal
Edges: +1 Agility, Night Vision, Claws: +1d4
Hinderances: Curious

Edges: +1 Agility, +1 stealth, Bite: + 1d4
Hinderances: Small (-1 to toughness)
Edges: +1 Agility, Teeth: +1d4, +1 Intimidate
Hinderances: Blood thirsty
Edges: Flight, +1 Agility, Echolocation
Hinderances: Small (-1), Bad Eyes
Edges: +1 Agil, Move: 10”
Hinderances: Small (-1)

Savage “Fantasy WarGaming”: has been called the Holy grail of RPG’s, While it is a book that’s no longer in print, I got myself a copy and I decided to change a few monsters Over to Savage Worlds

Giant, Celtic (Aka Fomorian) Average Level: Heroic
Agility: d10, Smarts: d4, Spirit: d10, Strength: d12+2, Vigor: d12+2
Pace: 6”, Parry: 8, Cha: +0, Tough: 10, Size:+2
Edges: (Free) : AB: Fomorian: (Choose 3 Powers, But the Usual are: Obscure (Rain and Fog), Shape Shift, Fear.)
+2 levels of Size, Aquatic, Low Light Vision, Immunity: Aging,
Hinderances: Outsider, Clueless, All Thumbs
Skills: Fighting: d12, Shooting: d10, Magic: d8, Guts: d10, Swimming: d8.

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#2 Postby Lord Lance » Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:13 am

Savage “Fantasy WarGaming”

??? What book is this? :eek:

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#3 Postby dumok » Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:44 am

Lord Lance wrote:Savage “Fantasy WarGaming”

??? What book is this? :eek:

Google Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway I added the Savage.
Short version it was an Alternate game to D+D when it came out.

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