[HoE] I made my players feel bad :)

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[HoE] I made my players feel bad :)

#1 Postby Sheriff Axly » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:42 pm

Remember, this is my and my group's first Hell on Earth campaign.

So there they were, scrounging in a local bombed-out town near the survivor community they live in. They were helping scrounge up components for a junker NPC.

They are quite familiar with Reggie Barton, a sort of hermit who lives in the ruins. Reggie makes a living scrounging those ruins and then trading with the survivor community the PCs live in. And while the PCs are scrounging on Reggie's turf, they keep seeing him giving them the eye and looking nervous.

One of the PCs, the survivalist, is concerned that Reggie should be informed about the group scrounge. He goes down into Reggie's den and chats with him about it to let him know that they aren't trying to infringe on his turf. Then there's a noise from the back room and Reggie quickly acquiesces and shows the PC out.

My player immediately starts commenting that Reggie has a "friend" (wink, wink) and starts making a running joke out of it.

Well another player, the syker in the group, is much more suspicious about whatever it is that Reggie is hiding and decides to do some further investigation. He goes predator and silence and sneaks into Reggie's den. He hears voices coming from the back room and moves to take a look.

The survivor PC chuckles and says "I can't wait to hear this."

Reggie does in fact have a friend. A female friend. Half Reggie's age even. But her skin is green and she has a second, small, vestigial head growing right next to the good one. She looks awful nervous, and Reggie assures her that the PCs aren't looking for her and that she's safe.

Then Reggie goes back out into the main room, sits down, and begins sobbing. :twisted:

Another of my players, the blessed one, says, "aw, now I feel bad." The survivor player stops laughing and goes back into the hallway to finish his laundry. And the syker player leaves Reggie's den and doesn't say a word about the situation.

I'm giving the three of them one white chip each for realizing the tragedy of mutants. :-D

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#2 Postby Fuzyfeet » Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:01 am

Once long ago I was on a road trip to LA for a gaming convention and we broke down on the I-5 (save for rest stops and a handful of 'towns' there is nothing for over 400 miles) at 2am. My friends and I proceed to stick out our thumbs and hope that someone sees us in the pick black, light fog... With in an hour a Mayflower semi pulls over and the stereotypical truck driver (large, hairy and tattooed wearing a ball cap and sleeveless shirt) offers us a lift to the nearest 'town'/rest stop. So knowing this is a rarity, and with hope that there is safety in numbers, three 20 something year old dudes pile into the passenger seat and we get moving. At some point something in the sleeping area behind us moved and we all look at the driver. He responds with, "Don't go back there, you'll wake Patriot." We all look straight ahead and left it at that (save for the endless speculation since).

I've always wanted a moment like that in a game. Curiosity tempered by fear. It sounded like that could have been a moment for you, but I like how that played out. Curve balls that knock the players back and not just their characters is always a good thing.

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