Harrowed, Dominion, and Control (minor harrowed spoilers)

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Harrowed, Dominion, and Control (minor harrowed spoilers)

#1 Postby Evangelos » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:22 pm

I've seen several slightly different versions of exactly how dominion and control of the harrowed's body is supposed to work. So, I need to know if I have it straight:

1. When determining initial dominion the fast way, the mortal adds his/her Grit to the opposed rolls (Marshall's Handbook p.52).

2. For regular dominion checks, each side uses only Spirit + current dominion, with no Grit bonus.

3. The mortal has control of the body by default, so long as he/she has at least one point of dominion (though low dominion makes it easier for the manitou to grab temporary control, and makes it easier to lose further dominion). If all points of dominion are lost, the manitou takes control for a long time.

4. In order for the manitou to take control, it has to make a Spirit roll at a TN of 5 + mortal's dominion. This requires the marshal to spend a fate chip specifically for this purpose, with no other benefit.

Is this correct?

Lord Ben
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#2 Postby Lord Ben » Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:27 pm

yep, you got it right.

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