[Phipps Studios] Xmas Announcement: HAS TO BE DONE

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[Phipps Studios] Xmas Announcement: HAS TO BE DONE

#1 Postby Charles Phipps » Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:42 am

There's been some significant expectation over what product would be replacing Streets of Frenzy for 2009 and lots of questions sent to my e-mail and PM. So I thought I'd share the Holiday gift for what our secret project is:

Has To Be Done
The Game of Conspiracy Action-Adventure!

Enter the world of Shadow Earth, a planet very similiar to our own where the Conspiracy secretly exists just behind the major halls of power. A criminal organization whose goal is nothing less world domination and who wields unfathomable influence over all walks of like. An organization that employs technological and supernatural edges to increase it's control whenever possible.

You are one of its operatives.

Player characters take on the role of Agents, members of one of the Conspiracy's Factions. Taken from all walks of life, they are assigned to work in the Noir world of icy cold spy fiction where betrayal lurks around every corner. No one in the Conspiracy can trust anyone else, let alone outsiders.

Why should player characters participate in such a world spanning web of intrigue? Because the alternative is much worse. The planet is filled with a host of terrible things from secret alien invaders to terrorist organizations that can topple even the most powerful governments in the world with their advanced technology. Do they have what it takes to do what Has To Be Done?

Has To Be Done is a Savage Worlds setting taking place in the Dark Universe of Phipps Studios' other products Black Hole and Winterweir. Containing rules within for all manner of spying staples and advice for Narrators hoping to bring a little trachery to to their table. The book will contain a host of Spying related Gadgets, 40 new stat blocks, Rules for Cybernetics in Savage Worlds, a system for Influence, and details on all the major Conspiracy Factions plus a host of cruel antagonists! It will also provide details for Earth in the Dark Universe.

Have a Happy Holidays.

Questions will of course be answered.

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#2 Postby Dont Die » Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:07 pm

Sounds really really cool! Another setting that fits my warped tastes.
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