Story: Never give the villain what he wants

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Story: Never give the villain what he wants

#1 Postby CulixCupric » Sat Dec 20, 2008 2:23 pm

I finally got into a group I wanted to join who rejected me for many years. All of the group when to collage but one who became the Gm. He got some of my and his friends to play a new campaign. The others are all new to the game, but i'm more experienced playing SW even though I'm a noob. the campaign is mainly post-nuclear. I'm a psionic goat-man, the rest are all human, one guy plays a blind girl, one has a habit of drinking blood, one is a monk who got his left arm broken by one of my chain lightning powers (bolt power) an he weilds two-handed weapons, and a guy with a shotgun. it gets worse, the "vampire" started working for the major villain (His name's Baxter), a bio-terrorist, and gave him the data-capsule (which looks like a big blue pill, like the ones from the matrix but bigger) he was looking for, then baxter's 8 guards (all weilding uzi's) opened fire on the vampire. the rest of the party was behind a rock, and I, exausting my last pp's, used chain lightning of baxter, getting the drop, and I did around 64 damage to baxter with a toughness of 6, but the GM used all his bennies to soak and he, if not had soaked would be dead, escaped. We battled the guards, and I, being a psionic, was crazy enough to try running up to a guard a SUCESSFULLY disarmed the guard's uzi, caught it in mid-air and knocked him out with it in one action. And now we finally have 5 exp, and the vampire basically caused us hell to pay. I had baxter with 3 wounds and shaken before he escaped in that jeep... Any suggestions on getting the capsule back? And what should I do with my exp?

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