Reliability and Malfunctions... HELP!!!!

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Doc Floppy
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Reliability and Malfunctions... HELP!!!!

#1 Postby Doc Floppy » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:27 am

It has been a LONG LONG time since I've even read my Deadlands books much less run a game in the Weird West and now I need some help. I can't remember the specifics of how Reliability rolls are supposed to work (though I have an idea) and I REALLY can't remember how to determine if a malfunction is minor, major or catastrophic. Can someone please explain these rules to me? I would REALLY appreciate it.

--Doc Floppy

PS- I do realize that I'm sounding more like a greenhorn than a marshal... THAT'S how long it's been for me.

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#2 Postby Edgeworth » Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:49 am

If a piece of cheap gear or a gizmo has a Reliability, roll d20 everytime you use the thing. If the roll is more than the item's Reliability, there will come a Malfunction. Maximum reliability is 19 (if the item has a Reliability, as gizmos always have).

If there's a Malfunction, roll 2d6. The rules says:

2-5: Major Malfunction
6-10: Minor Malfuntion
11-12: Catastrophe

but I like to think 2-6 is minor, 7-10 is major and 11-12 is Catastrophe so they're all nice and in order.

Hope that helps.

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#3 Postby RJack » Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:26 am

Edgeworth wrote:
but I like to think 2-6 is minor, 7-10 is major and 11-12 is Catastrophe so they're all nice and in order.

That makes major malfunctions more common than minor malfunctions, though.

Original rules:
Minor Malfunction: 23/36
Major Malfunction: 10/36
Catastrophic Malfunction: 3/36

Edgeworth's change:
Minor Malfunction: 15/36
Major Malfunction: 18/36
Catastrophic Malfunction: 3/36

If you still want them in order, a better distribution would be 2-7 is minor, 8-10 is major, and 11-12 is catastrophe.

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