Wonderland No More

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Wonderland No More

#1 Postby ShatteredAlice » Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:53 am

Last year I posted a One Sheet with a Halloween theme set in Wonderland.

Well this year the same scenario is back but with new layout, figure flats, a map tile and templates for entangling spells.

The artwork and layout is by Jordan Peacock who by now is (in)famous around the PEG and TAG site.

Take a look at Pumpkin here http://kla060365.googlepages.com/onesheets
Wonderland No More! - Savage fun in the worlds of Alice

Wonderland No More now available

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Lord Lance
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#2 Postby Lord Lance » Thu Oct 23, 2008 10:11 am

Nice link. Thanks!

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#3 Postby supercOntra » Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:31 am

That looks sweet.
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#4 Postby stephengroy » Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:01 pm

Greycat makes some nice anthros, but I'm looking for others.
I spose I could take actual playing cards and shrink them down, but what about figs like the hatter, etc?

The figure flats are sweet, but seem a little (sorry!) one dimensional.

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#5 Postby Snate56 » Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:54 pm

Have you tried ShrinkyDinks for printers yet?
Would probably make outstanding card soldiers.

As for the Hatter, you may have to jack up the scale of your game a little bit; This guy's 32mm just to his eyes...

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Jordan Peacock
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Re: Miniatures?

#6 Postby Jordan Peacock » Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:15 am

stephengroy wrote:The figure flats are sweet, but seem a little (sorry!) one dimensional.

Some day, when we all have fabricator printers, I'll be able to make downloadable minis. ;) Until then, it's just figure flats. However, I have a certain preference for the three-dimensional myself, and for my own games, I've been kitbashing miniatures.

Here's a link to a few photos of miniatures and scenery for the "Hunting of the Snark" adventure I ran at Necronomicon.

A lot can be done by finding cheap minis and modifying them in basic ways. A very useful tool for this would be a pinning drill: basically a little hand-powered drill that fits in the palm of the hand, useful for making tiny holes in soft metal or plastic (such as miniatures are made out of) - just large enough to insert a bit of wire (such as a piece of a paperclip) and super-glue it into place. By cutting a piece off of plastic figure A and drilling a hole into the joining spot, then cutting a piece off of plastic figure B and making a matching hole there as well, and inserting a piece of wire and a tiny dab of super glue to make the join, you can make a pretty effective bond - far more so than just gluing the facing sides of plastic together.

Plastic miniatures such as those put out for HeroClix, HorrorClix, HaloClix, and any other *Clix I've left out (and Mage Knight) are ideal as starting points - though I also keep an eye out for cheap and useful plastic toys somewhere in the neighborhood of being the right scale (such as the "Toob" plastic animals sold in some craft stores).

I also have a large collection of "bitz" from various miniatures conversions - particularly the plastic optional heads, arms, etc., that come with Games Workshop plastic minis. (I can't actually afford to buy armies of Warhammer minis, but I have friends who can. I paint their minis, and I get a bunch of bitz for my next conversion.)

And, of course, a little sculpting putty (MagicSculp is my favorite balance of utility and economy, but the "green stuff" is ideal) can go a long way.

I think I did a more extensive explanation of the kitbashing I did to make these Wonderland minis on the Triple Ace Games Forums somewhere.

If you want a Mad Hatter, the easiest route is (if you can find it), get a HeroClix "Mad Hatter" figure. (Check Ebay and various hobby sites that sell miniatures individually, I recommend.)

I happen to benefit from local game/hobby stores that, for a time, had the practice of opening up boxes of collectible miniatures games, and selling miniatures individually - selling the "rares" for ridiculously high prices, and then practically dumping the "commons" for much cheaper prices (individually or in grab bags).

I got a couple of copies of "Zatanna," who sports a top hat held in one hand. For my "Maniac Haberdasher" in the photos, I took a Two-Face mini, and replaced his gun-holding hand with a hat-holding hand - and, voila! He's now a hatter. (Well, I also repainted him. The figure's detail level is shallow enough that it doesn't really matter so much that he used to be Two-Face.) I finished things off by putting him on a plastic Games Workshop "Slottabase."

(The unnecessary "slot" can be fairly easily dealt with by just covering it with a scrap of paper or cardstock, though I confess to having been a bit rushed for the convention, as the figures in the photos don't have complete paint jobs or finished bases.)

The local game store has marked down some of the earlier "HorrorClix" boxes, and though I am normally loathe to participate in what amounts to gambling by buying boxes of unknown miniatures, I've still grabbed a few simply because you can never have too many zombies - and some of the more unusual characters could potentially find use in one of my weirder scenarios (even a WNM game).

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Re: Miniatures?

#7 Postby JackAce » Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:06 am

stephengroy wrote:The figure flats are sweet, but seem a little (sorry!) one dimensional.

Oh, and technically, they're two-dimensional... :wink:
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#8 Postby jeff » Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:10 am

A little Sculpy and a lot of time on your hands goes a long way.
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