HELL ON EARTH - Botch Stories

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HELL ON EARTH - Botch Stories

#1 Postby farmergiles » Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:16 am

After last nights session which paid homage to the wonderful world that is "Botching on Rolls", I wondered what other hilarious instances have resulted from your posse members botching rolls.

Last night I introduced my posse to a single automaton with a broken grenade launcher (I ain't THAT evil!). They downed it fairly quickly (munchkin 5D12 shootin rolls aimed at head does the trick even when bursting fire with a gun that ends up at D4's after armour!) However they did have to use a lot of fate chips to stay alive and use 2 Nuke spells as well as taking some nasty wounds.

Now that hurt the posse a little but not much. One in particular came out relatively unscathed and was been Mr Smug about it.........cue having to climb down the rockfall on the mountain in order to get back to their vehicles (in a posse with no climbing skills, typical!) where he then botches at the top, falls down and takes several heavy wounds after chips.

After that he proceeds to try to heal his heavy guts wound himself............and botches (as a major smoker I said he dropped his lit ciggy in his wound) giving him a serious wound and bleeds out. The others try to heal him but fail due to wound modifiers and a high TN. I then feel nice and let the NPC scientist use his medicine skill..........who botches! :lol: This results in the member fainting and been on critical, only MARGINALLY saved (as everyone else had already tried to heal him and failed) by the Doomsayers touch when he eventually got back from charging himself up at a local radiation source! lol! He now has horrible boils on his upper chest! :P

In addition to this the Doomsayer botches a Touch roll and gives another posse member the pheremones mutation (which couldn't have been more suitable as hes a randy git!).

Botches are amazing! However in addition I have a problem. Because the posse didn't leave their cars in a safe place before heading inside, they got vandalised and their bullet press was nicked, along with a pet dog! lol! But I said their fuel was still there (I didn't want to be TOO tight!) Unfortunately I'm struggling to think of a coherent excuse as to why people would vandalise and nick the press, but NOT take the fuel!) HELP!

Oh yeah, they are now out to chase down whoever the vandals were in vengeance.......problem is their tracker botched the tracking roll! :twisted:

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#2 Postby deadlander » Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:14 am

could have been a group of young savages that dont use technology? perhaps the savages had a run in with a road gang, so anyone with a car is now associated with road gangers?
they took the press because it looked pretty? perhaps they have a sculptured pile of "stuff" that they added the bullet press to, the press was the final missing peice.

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#3 Postby horrorman009 » Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:03 am

You guys may have trouble following this story but here goes. So, my marshall had gotten tired of interposse fighting so, he sicked a fate eater on us. Bye-bye chips for now. He had the fate eater send us on a mission to retrieve several items in order to get our chips back. We needed hair from a gorgeous blonde. That went fairly well. We needed milk from a dying cow. No problem there, really. And a gold glass slipper. Where are we gonna get a gold glass slipper. Oh crap! We need to go to Turtle Island where the ruler resides. Son-of-a-motherless goat!

So we get there hunt him down, talk with several of his guards. Sneak around yoink his slipper from his closet somehow(all a long time ago) and start to head off the boat. When he and his goons stop us. One of our guys shoot at one of the guards but the guard uses seize the pearl and shoots it back at him. The guy doesn't know what to do. Our mad scientist of the group and takes a out a bottle of nitro-glycerin and hold it out. HE DOES NOT KNOW THE BURST RADI. He throws it-not really. He busts and it lands poorly. The marshall was nice let us vamoose for cover. Luckily we got away with only some of us with serious wounds. The guards and the man(can't remember his name) get blown backwards and we have our chance. We climb down onto our waiting boat and start to drive off. Turtle Island starts shooting at us. The posse member that has the slipper gets knocked onto the boat by a bullet and loses the slipper in the air. I run for the slipper before it goes overboard and grab it but go overboard myself. I roll my swimming but bust. *glug glug* Another posse member goes in after me and the slipper. You can guess what his roll was like. Yup, bust. So we're both spalshing around like flounders on land. Finally, we're grabbed by other two posse members that pull us up and eventually make it out of there with our precious cargo and our lives.
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Re: HELL ON EARTH - Botch Stories

#4 Postby Fuzyfeet » Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:16 am

This botch story you can read from a posse member's perspective here (http://hoe.whatt.us/index.php?page=journals/6-24-94late) but as the game goes, it was a tragedy of the dice gods... The Character Millbrae climbs a massive store-house shelving unit, but botched the climb down on the other side. Not only did he get caught in his own rope, but made enough noise to let the Cyborgs hunting them know where he was. I let him roll to get out of the mess and on the ground and he botch the roll again! So now two Cyborgs are rounding the shelves from each side, and there he is hanging upside down like a fish on the dock. He pulls his gun and takes two actions before the Cyborgs next action and after pissing one off with a great gut shot botches the second shot roll! Long story short, they ripped him apart! I could not figure out a way to save the character and not come off as playing favorites, or being a bad Marshal.

farmergiles wrote:Unfortunately I'm struggling to think of a coherent excuse as to why people would vandalise and nick the press, but NOT take the fuel!) HELP!

Cyborgs and (I think) Tin Men need metal to "heal" their cybernetic parts. Car parts will do, but a bullet press (if I'm not mistaken) is largish (can't fit it in a backpack) and made almost exclusively out of heavy gauge metals. Each pound is a "wound level" so having that press is a god send. So if you really want to stretch it, the Cyborg (or one of them if there are more than one) knows how to convert the engine to run on it's power so why carry all the unneeded gas if your just going a ways to your garage to rip it apart, or you just going to "eat" it any ways. That and was there evidence that is was driven away...If the gas cans are plastic, then why couldn't Rust Mits have made a meal of the cars and moved on?

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#5 Postby farmergiles » Sun Oct 19, 2008 6:36 am

I like the idea with the Tin Men, I'll look into that! Though to be honest the posse is never going to find out who done it anyway coz they botched a tracking roll to follow them...........so instead with a cunning bit of weather direction they are going to hold up inside a ruined village with some spider heads and brain beetles watching them..........

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#6 Postby farmergiles » Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:23 am

Well they will never meet the ones responsible anyway, but hey ho the spider head adventure went brilliantly and we even had one character death!!

Was unfortunate though, the spider head swings through the window, causing him to have a heart attack (only 3D6 rolled for Scart but I rolled 3 6's then 2 more 6's! :P) and faint and as hes too far away from the rest of the posse they don't get to him in time before a brain beetle decides to enter the fray and eat his brain! :P Ouch.

Luckily for him though he didn't turn into a head! :P Convienently earlier in the session they chased the noise of a girl singing to a basement in the church they were in (i made the spider heads sentient so I could taunt the posse with scary stuff, it was brilliant!). The dead guys character been nasty and mean as a rattler decided to chuck a grenade down the basement! :P Fair play he kills the spider head but they didn't know what it was as all they had heard was a child singing! :P Cue a card draw for the Reckoners liking Rory and BANG first card is a Black Joker and he picks up the 3 Clubs "take a maimed wound and explode" mutation!

Desperate to save his life the only main non-magic medic in the party tries to cut his head open to find the beetle (its too late at this point! :P). He succeeds in killing the beetle but the resulting damage from cutting his head apart and pulling the beetle out causes his noggin to explode in a cascade of blood, drenching the medic and giving him a major phobia! :D

Haha I love deadlands!

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