[Low Life] Smellcasters

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[Low Life] Smellcasters

#1 Postby Wendigo1870 » Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:19 pm

Smellcasters have to prepare their reeks before they're going to actually use them.
When they've commited the needed time and have to roll for Smellcasting, does this roll determine the effect of the potion , or do you roll another time when the reek is actually released?
In the first case the player already knows the effect it will have, (failure, success, raise) so then a player could retry after he rolls 'only' a success to try and get a raise result (after spending enough PP and time as needed). So, a smellcaster with lots of time on his hands/appendages/tentacles/... could just constantly retry (and 'refine') his reeks to get better results for the same PP's. And in pressing moments such as combat he is assured of success, whereas other AB dudes have to roll at the moment itself to see if they succeeded (risky and uncertain). (This would make a Smellcaster very powerful indeed!)
With the second case I guess the roll only determines that creating a reek worked (regardless of raises), but the actual effect at the moment is determined by the smell-casting roll at the moment you uncork the bottle. You're uncertain of the effects as would any other caster, but you have to roll twice (once to create, once to determine effect).
Which is the right way to do this, Boss?

And, do I use Smellcasting (quite possible with option 2), Throwing (a bottle), or Shooting (a reek) at the moment of the combat to determine results?

I keep going on; When I bottle up the Bolt power, I need to decide exactly how powerful I'm going to make it, right? So, if later I only wanted my Bolt to shoot only one 2d6 damage Bolt (1PP), I'm out of luck when I bottled a 3 shot 3D6 damage Bolt (6PP)?
What happens if I throw the 6PP bottle so that it shatters? Does everything within 2 yorts (Small Burst Template) get hit by 3 3D6 damage Bolts!?

I'm Duracell!: Taking the Smellementalist Edge actually more than doubles your potential PP use if I'm right. You recover half of the committed PPs;
so with my basic 12 PP Smellementalist, If I make a 6PP Bolt, I recover 3 (and 3 are committed). I do this again, recover 3 (6 are committed), and do this once more, and recover 3 again (and 9 are committed). These last 3 I use in another 3PP Reek, (recover 1, 11 committed), and then use that last one for a 1 PP reek (12 committed).
Total PP's stored: 22! (Actually, it's even more to abuse: the Edge says 'round up', so if I'm with 1PP left, I recover half (0,5) which (rounded up) equals 1PP! This way, I could go on indefinitely!

It keeps going and going and going ...: Do Smellcasters regain the PPs of potions they've sold or lost? Because if not, there wouldn't be a very likely market in smellcaster reeks: all kinds of smellcasters remain useless until the guy that bought a reek once decides to finally use it, which finally frees up PPs for the smellcaster to begin anew. If it does, it's once again open to abuse; when smellcasters bottle up reeks which they then hand out to their pals (freeing up PPs), then brewing up new reeks.

This is a lot all at once, I know. But these are potential problems that I saw coming, now that I have a Smelf Smellcaster (potential Smellementalist) in my heap; So this Boss wants to hear it from da Big Boss how it's meant to be!

I'll thankify you!
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