Changing the effects of the damage doublers

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#21 Postby Clint » Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:55 pm

Artking3 wrote:I was wondering if Mighty Blow and Dead Shot were changed to Combat Edges instead of Wild Card Edges, would it be better?

"Better" is subjective. I think the intent was probably something a little more narrow like, "If you don't like these Edges as they are, what do you think of..."

Cause really, no one who is fine with the Edges as they stand (which seems to be most people) is going to see a change as "better."

Artking3 wrote:Instead of Double Damage on a Joker, additional +2 to damage on a Fighting/Shooting/Throwing raise, in addition to the normal +1d6 damage from a raise.

So would this be an effect that always occurred when they got a raise on the specific type of attack, or one that still only occurred on a Joker? I'm not quite clear on that.

As a general Combat Edge it doesn't sound too bad (depending on the requirements of course), but I'd probably be more inclined to just change the bonus damage die from a d6 to a d10 or d12. Heck, I might use that (with different names) and the Dead Shot and Mighty Blow as they are.

Artking3 wrote:Doesn't mean the villains also can't have them. And if its not allowed for them because it won't be fun, shouldn't it work the other way around too?

Who said it wouldn't be allowed for NPCs because it wouldn't be fun? Did I miss that? :-?

Even then, it doesn't have to work the other way around either. It can be fun for the PCs to take out a Big Bad Guy in one shot simply because they are the "heroes" of the story and took an Edge to be able to, where a particular group might not find the same thing as enjoyable if the villain did the same (then again they could).

Really, if the system intended for the rules had to work exactly the same for the PCs as the NPCs, then there wouldn't be Extras or rules that say to just design the NPC however you like it not according to PC creation.

Ultimately, it's a decision that depends totally on play style and individual determinations of what is "fun." If the Edge isn't actually fun in play for someone's group, then they just shouldn't use it of course. Really, it's easy enough just to drop all the Wild Card Edges and not worry about them at all.
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#22 Postby jpk » Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:15 pm

As a guy who dice tend to not like, my highest doubled damage so far was fourteen. That was four dice doubled, too.

I've not run into the same issues it sounds like the rest of you have. Sigh. If only I could...

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#23 Postby Sean Patrick Fannon » Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:52 am

Just as an added idea, one that came out as a pretty simple fix (and is how I re-modeled the "Slayer" Edge in Shaintar) -

In any situation where the damage would be doubled, I instead have the player roll a d12 for the Raise Die damage (instead of a d6). This has been a satisfying alternative.

Then again, the Double Damage effect comes up an awful lot with the original Slayer concept (get a Raise, do double damage instead). With more rare occurrences, like with Adventure Card or Joker effects, I'm inclined to leave the x2 damage in play.
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