Solomon Kane: The Plot Point Campaign

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Solomon Kane: The Plot Point Campaign

#1 Postby Garuda » Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:57 am

Well a bit of it anyway. My group plays in eight week rotations last night was Week Two.

The Players

Diego Fernández de Cáceres y Ovando, Marqués de Aguilar de Campos
A dissaffected Spanish noble with a penchant for port, wine and gambling. Deposed of his title by a rival. Introduces himself to the English as 'Dave'.

Jonah Waignwright A young English noble who has travelled the Old World and the New. Pretends he's from London - seems to have a secret or two about him.

Jamie McGurk a wild, no-nonsense gingerheaded Scotsman who looks fiercesome with his kilt blowing in the wind.

Edward the Fence Well connected Englishman who makes his living from dealing in smuggled goods.

Jack the Lad a twelve year old kid with a trick or two up his sleeve and a canine companion. To Jack, Chester is his faithful hound, to the others he's a potential snack if times get desperate.

The motley crew of misfit wanderers are standing at a fork in the road, on a moor, outside of a town in Devonshire. Each has been drawn here by strange powers of dream and the party has steadily grown as you have met up with each other along the path from various parts of Britain and beyond. You are startled to discover that each of you has been experiencing the same dreams. Although none of you can recall specifics of the dreams you remain inexplicably drawn or guided in your wanderings. Every time any of you have resisted the path – the dreams have plagued you, intensifying, becoming intolerable nightmares.

And so here you stand – on the road to Torkertown.

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#2 Postby Garuda » Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:59 am

Week One

Walking down the lane that leads to the green in the centre of Torkertown you pass by the church. Several mourners are gathered around a graveside, the priest uttering a few prayers. Seeing a row of fresh graves, it is obvious that this burial is just one of several recent funerals. Torkertown is a small village with a big problem.

Entering The Lamb Inn, the new strangers in town are quick to make friends with the locals. The stranger with a slight foreign lilt to his accent in particular; who greeted one particularly drunk local with a well placed head butt.

The strangers learn that today’s funeral was that of John Prestwick who was found dead in the street the previous morning. Pale skinned and with inexplicable wounds. In the last ten days three others were found the same way: James Carter, Thomas Mulchy and Nathaniel Drake were the other fresh burials. Some locals think the plague has come to Torkertown, others believe that the Devil himself walks the village at night. Many of the cottages leading into the village have fresh white washed crosses painted on the door; whether religious or superstitious the purpose is clear – a warding against evil. Fear and melancholy rule Torkertown.

The Magistrate, Squire Hardwicke, describes the deaths in much more mundane fashion - heart attacks, alcoholic libations, kidney disease and such. But he fails to fool the strangers – Hardwicke admits he is covering up to prevent panic in the village. He is at a loss to explain the mysterious deaths.

Next door to the Lamb is a large house, outside of which a cart is being loaded with furniture. The Widow Ivens is leaving Torkertown to live with her sister in Bristol. The strangers uncover her story: Her husband, Roger Ivens died a month ago, she discovered his body at the bottom of the stairs, his neck broken. Gossip in the town argues over the cause; Suicide? Accident? Murder? The Widow Ivens is sure it was suicide out of shame. Roger Ivens was a wealthy merchant who lost his money to some locals in a series of card games – he had been cheated, by the very men now lying in their graves in the cemetery. Widow Ivens has been forced to sell up and is leaving Torkertown.

The Parish Reverend, Jeffrey Timothy, gave Ivens the benefit of the doubt, that the death was not suicide, in order to bury him on holy ground in the church cemetery. One local told Edward that each of the four men who had met terrible deaths was seen some weeks ago talking with a mysterious hooded figure. The Widow Ivens later admitted that this figure was likely to be her; she had sought out each of the card cheats to plead with them to return the money they had cheated from her husband.

The strangers decided on a plan of action – to spend the night at the inn getting slowly drunk and falling asleep. The night passed without incident.

Next morning the strangers learned something that may prove to be of great importance. There was a fifth man involved in cheating Roger Ivens out of his wealth. The only one of the five men left alive. Alfred Dawlish has set out on business for the day, his house keeper informs the strangers that Dawlish will not be back until nightfall. The strangers spend the day awaiting his return. Some time after dark, Jamie, the clansman, is out by the village road. He hears a wagon approaching and then a scream. Rushing out onto the road he sees a cart abandoned outside the church and the sound of running feet are heard from within the cemetery – and then there is another blood-curdling scream……….

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#3 Postby Garuda » Fri Sep 26, 2008 8:00 am

Week Two


Hearing screams and running, the strangers leapt into action. Jamie was first on the scene closely followed by everyone else except for Jonah who instead was last seen heading for the outhouse following a stomach upset due to partaking of the local water.

Within the graveyard, Alfred Dawlish could be seen in an almost catatonic state of fear. Wounds began appearing on his throat from which blood began to flow. The only other thing to be seen in the churchyard was a low lying mist with a reddish tinge to its colour, the mist seemed to be slowly concentrating around Dawlish.

The heroes dashed forth, Jamie ran into the mist to grab Dawlish and soon the mist spread to encompass all of the strangers and their little dog too! Some of the strangers began to suffer inexplicable wounds from the ethereal mist. It was ‘Port-Swilling Dave’ that first noticed how the vampiric mist seemed to solidify at the point of contact as it delivered the wounds to is victims. ‘Dave’ fired both pistols and the mist visibly recoiled from one of the shots; But ‘Dave’ had now shot his load and he stood there completely spent, with limp pistols in hand.

It was noticed that the mist emanated from the grave of Roger Ivens. It seems some supernatural force was at work to allow Ivens to strike back at his antagonists from beyond the grave. The battle was hard fought, well by some of the participants anyway. Edward, Jack the Lad and his little dog mostly stood on the periphery offering only moral support; whilst ‘Dave’, Jonah (fresh from his stint in the outhouse) and Jamie who was now wilder then a wild clansman on a wild Saturday night in the Gobals fought heroically against the ethereal foe. Jamie and ‘Dave’ were badly both wounded and things were looking grim when Jonah stepped up and delivered the killing blow.

The mist dissipated, the heroes survived and Dawlish was saved. Saved twice in fact – firstly from the vampiric mist and then from the point of ‘Dave’s’ sword. The heroes spent three weeks in Torkertown recovering from their wounds and embarrassing Dawlish into some form of repentance. He agreed to forward the money he had cheated from Ivens to his widow who had since left for Bristol after being forced to sell up.

I Have a Dream

The wanderers had a dream. A shared dream. Everyone was there. Even the dog. A strange old man with black skin and eyes full of life spoke to each of the wanderers. Ancient Evil is stirring in the world. This evil has many names; the children of Abraham call it Satan, when Egypt was young it was Apep, the men of the North named it the World Serpent. Ancient magics used to hold it but the magics have faded.

The old man continued to tell the wanderers that the only way to find this Evil and destroy it is to locate ‘the six gems of power’ hidden away around the world. But the gems are masked by evil. To find them the wanderers must search the world, listening out for tales of Evil and striking at Darkness wherever it is found. Of the gems: One is hidden in the Old World, two in the New World, one in Africa and one in Cathay.

(And yes. For the more alert amongst you – I know that only adds up to five)


The wanderers feel drawn to the Continent and journey across southern England towards the busy ports. On the way they come to a hamlet in Sussex called Wickhampton. Stories reach the travellers ears of grave robbery at Wickhampton churchyard. At the Wickhampton Inn, two part-time grave diggers are shirking their watch – too afraid to stake out the cemetery for fear of grave robbers, or worse, maybe a dread necromancer about his work.

The wanderers offer to accompany the men on their duties and on arriving at the churchyard late at night they espy a faint glow – the glow of a lantern in the gloom, and then the unmistakable shape of men moving. The wanderers decide upon a course of stealth -sneaking up close on the grave robbers. The inevitable fight is short and sweet. At fifty paces ‘Port-Swilling Dave’ fires his brace of pistols- fills one foe with lead who drops dead, another suffers a pistol shot to the shoulder. Jack the Lad sets his dog on another robber who has his groin ripped out by the ferocious beastie. Talking of ferocious beasties - Jamie chases after the robber with the wounded shoulder and drags him to the ground whilst Jonah stands before the final robber probing him with deep-meaning psychological rhetoric about his choice of profession before knocking him out cold with a single punch.

So, the wanderers have captured two robbers alive. How will their interrogations proceed? With this bunch of depraved adventurers the mind can only boggle……..

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#4 Postby Garuda » Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:06 am

Week Three

An Appointment at the Doctor’s

After a friendly chat with the surviving grave robbers, the wanderers learn the name of the robbers’ employer; Dr Jonathon Hapgood. The magistrate is fetched to the cemetery at Wickhampton church who resists charging the wanderers with murder after learning of the ghoulish nature of the robbers’ nocturnal activities. To have ended the grave robbing must now surely lift the weight of fear and suspicion from the village?

The wanderers share their information with the magistrate. The magistrate takes the insinuation that Dr Hapgood may be involved as a personal insult to himself and the parish as a whole. The magistrate is taken aback and is most indignant. ‘The good Doctor? How dare you suggest as such! He is a well respected member of this community’. The magistrate simply thinks that the wanderers must be simpletons to believe the lies of a grave robber. If the wanderers are to investigate Dr Hapgood’s connection to this macabre affair – they will have to do it alone.

It is about midnight when the wanderers return to the Wickhampton Inn and there are only a few patrons remaining. Still, the wanderers do learn a little about Dr Hapgood. He is indeed a well respected man in these parts but he is not quite the man he used to be – not since the tragic death of his wife. His wife had met with an accident almost a year ago, she had fallen beneath the wheels of a carriage – her organs crushed and her body pulverised, she died very soon afterward. The Doctor has not been seen very often in these last few months – still in mourning it is supposed by the locals.

After a couple of jars, Jonah decides its time to visit the outhouse. On returning to the warmth and comfort of the tavern he notices a strange beady-eyed, weasel of a man looking straight at him with – eyes widening. The weasel gets up from his table and walks around the side of the wooden stairs. After a short delay, Jonah looks to see what the man is doing – he is just in time to notice the man hurrying out of the back door as he is tucking a roll of paper underneath the inside lapel of his ragged coat. Jonah follows the man out into the dark street, Jack the Lad and his dog Chester tag along. Apart from the moonlight, the only light is the soft glow of lantern light spilling from the windows that line the street. Jonah has no problems with stealthily stalking the weasel-man until finally delivering a deft knock out blow.

The weasel wakes up just outside the village limits – tied to a tree. Jonah stands in the shadows and interrogates him. The weasel’s name is Thomas Jeffries, a gutter runt if ever there was one, but a man with a keen eye and a greed for money. The roll of paper turns out to be a Wanted poster. He admits to recognising ‘the man at the inn’ as being on the poster. These posters have been appearing in taverns across the south of England as the London authorities widen their search for a wanted criminal.

Jeffries is convinced (or frightened into believing) that this is a case of mistaken identity. Jonah then asks the man if he would like to earn some money by honest means. Jeffries agrees to meet the wanderers next morning and show them the way to Dr Hapgood’s residence.

Next morning Jonah, Jack and Chester the dog are the only ones who meet Jeffries. ‘Port-Swilling Dave’ and ‘Mad Jamie McClansman’ are left to do some explaining of the previous night’s activities to the local authorities. Edward has departed the scene for business elsewhere.

Jonah, Jack and Chester arrive at the Hapgood residence, a large mansion set in its own grounds. But the grounds are overgrown and uncared for, the mansion’s windows are dirty with all drapes drawn and shutters closed. Nobody has shown any care or attention to this place for week, if not months. An obvious sign that no servants are employed here. Jack picks the lock of the rear entrance door that leads into the kitchen. The kitchen smells awful, unwashed pots and pans, cutlery and bric-a-brac lie around in a complete mess, draws are left hanging open. The whole place is chaotic and unkempt – just like the rest of the house.

While investigating the house the wanderers hear a crash as a maniacal man bursts through a door at the end of the corridor they are in. ‘They thought I was mad!’ he shouts, ‘but I’ve bought her back!’. At that, an arm reaches round the door and drags the maniac back into the room. The wanderers can hear: ‘But, my darling, its me – its John’. The next thing they hear is a scream. Jonah bursts into the room to see a female figure strangling the life out of the manic doctor. The female is discoloured and emotionless with body parts stitched together. Jonah slashes across her hamstrings with his axe but she turns to face him as if nothing had happened, no pain, no emotion. A gaping wound has been opened on the back of her leg but despite the exposed flesh there is no flow of blood.

A pitched melee battle ensues as Jack joins the fray – the female figure proves to be incredibly strong but eventually the heroes bring her down. Jonah and Jack decide to lie the doctor and his wife side-by-side on the doctor’s bed and leave the mansion to collect dust and be forgotten.

The wanderers regroup and leave Wickhampton - within a couple of days they arrive at the port of Dover and secure passage to the continent on a merchant vessel. Destination – Antwerp.

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#5 Postby Garuda » Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:54 am

Week Four

A brief summary

A port. A body. Deep wounds. A very successful healing roll. Deep wounds are bite marks: Big bite marks. A suspect. The guard blames her (pointing at the witch’s dead body in the gibbet). Examine the body in the gibbet. Ding-dong the witch is dead. Horrible torn wounds at the wrists. A story. Five deaths in a week, all at night. A plan. A night watch. Some cut throat smugglers at work. A distraction: The smugglers are just smugglers. A scream. A house. A gruesome scene. A missing child? A trail. A sewer grate (beneath the gibbet). A sewer. A swarm of panicked rats. The murderer: A giant rat. A big fight. A rescue (the child is carried to safety). A conclusion (the rat is defeated. A happy harbour master. An explanation – the witch bit her own wrists and bled to death cursing the town and its inhabitants. Her cursed blood dripped through the sewer grate and infected a rat which grew to enormous size and began to feast on the townsfolk at night. The witch and the rat are no more. Free beer and food for a week. Free passage to Antwerp.

Same time next week….

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