Persuasion against PCs

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Persuasion against PCs

#1 Postby Red Mercy » Mon Dec 24, 2007 1:27 pm

I'm currently planning an adventure in which persuasion of the players is an issue. When an NPC is attempting to convince a PC of carrying out a particular action, how is this handled? A know that the rulebook states, in regard to the persuasion skill, that players should never roll on the reaction table; they should go off of how they feel their characters would behave. However, what if the NPC is particularly charismatic or otherwise adept at using their charm to sway the actions of others? Perhaps an oppose spirit roll vs. the NPC's persuasion skill? If so, how do I take the PC's attitude (hostile, cautious, neutral, etc.) into account? Perhaps as a modifier to the spirit roll?

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Re: Persuasion against PCs

#2 Postby Clint » Mon Dec 24, 2007 11:51 pm

Red Mercy wrote:When an NPC is attempting to convince a PC of carrying out a particular action, how is this handled?

Officially, purely by roleplaying. Although, a correlary to that is a player could earn a Benny from good roleplaying (which might include being persuaded because the character would be even if the player isn't) or even easier from playing a Hindrance that would lead to them being so persuaded.

One thing to keep in mind is whether the "convincing" consists of any lies on the NPCs part. That is mechanical and would be their Persuasion opposed by the PCs' Notice skill (used to detect lies). A success would typically indicate "he's hiding something" while a raise might specifically tell "he's lying about X"

For more mechanical options, try starting up a thread in SW General Chat and seeing what the forum members can come up with.
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