Multiple actions that don't require a roll

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Multiple actions that don't require a roll

#1 Postby chatterbox » Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:03 pm

This question was inspired by JackAce's question "Can I Reload and Aim as a Multi-Action?" in the Black Power weapons & 2 full actions to reload thread.

How many multiple actions that don't require a roll could you perform? Could you Run, Draw a weapon (that's not unwieldy or hard to access), and Reload a weapon (presumably the same one) in the same turn? Or, Draw, Reload, and Aim?

My gut says to call for an agility roll per the "readying weapons" section if they're trying to do more than two "non-roll" actions, but I'm guessing this is a GM's call situation. I tried searching this sub-forum for answers but didn't see this particular question come up.

Unless, Oh mighty PEG gurus, there's something I'm missing?


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#2 Postby Clint » Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:46 am

Generally, there aren't many actions that don't require a roll, so it's okay to combine them. However, you're correct; the GM would be well within his rights to ask for an Agility roll to attempt to combine them. After all, trying to draw a gun while running would be "unwieldy" if only due to the situation.

Aim can't be combined with any of those though. Aim takes a "full round" to perform, not an action.

See these other posts for further clarification...
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